Chapter 213 - Ready? Show time!

Chapter 213: Ready? Show time!

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Xue Yaoyao didn’t expect that at all. So these were the gifts that His Highness Jiu was talking about?

When she looked over with her head tilted, she saw that even the handsome uncle Yin Wuyao’s eyes had changed as he looked at the uniform in his hands.

This was without mentioning Feng Shang. His fingertips were quivering as he was felt the texture of the fabric.

He had seen too many players who were managed by his big brother. Every time he watched the professional association’s gaming contest, he saw those players as they sat in front of the computers wearing their team uniforms, tapping on keyboards, and waving their mice. He thought they were the coolest sh*t!

If not for his stuttering… his life might have been different from how it was now.

It was hard not to devalue oneself.

In fact, before he knew his idol, he had been so afraid to communicate with others.

Feng Shang thought about all of this and looked up at that smiling young man who had “his” one hand in his pocket.

Fu Jiu was looking at him too. She raised her hand up while wearing her uniform on her back.

The uniforms’ texture was extremely great. One could tell that they were tailor-made. The shoulder lines were smooth and perfect, complementing her fair and pretty face. She looked utterly cool and regal.

Xue Yaoyao met Yin Wuyao’s eyes, and she pulled her zipper up.

The four of them were different heights. Wearing the same uniform, they stood in the middle of the square. The headlights of the car lit up the ground near where they were standing, and those rose petals lingered in the night sky for as long as they could…

The next day, all kinds of news about the new gaming contest were surging all over the place.

Even though there had been no disclosures at all, they had to come up with some news. After all, this was the most anticipated contest among all the <Hero> players.

If you were not a game player, you would never grasp the significance of changing from non-professional to professional at all!

Not to mention that the one who was now waiting on the rooftop for all the players was none other than the most valuable player in the entire gaming industry—Qin Mo!

Simply hearing this name would cause people’s blood to boil, let alone the fact that Almighty Qin would be on camera the whole time.

As the media would say, this was the era of all-stars.

The professional league created a wave of fervor that was no less than the commotion stirred up by any celebrity. In fact, it was even bigger and more widely discussed.

One of the live-streaming platforms had over 10 million online viewers since this morning.

They all had their own teams to support. Each big club gave out information about who would participate ahead of time.

That day, the internet cafe was abnormally quiet. Everyone had their beers and colas ready while looking up at the big screen in the front.

Tickets to the Players’ Selection Contest started being pre-sold a week ago. The price went up with each passing day. Even today, there were still people who wanted to buy the tickets.

People were acting this way only because they were waiting for the same thing—the grand entrance of all the big teams!

It was such a grand contest. The ratings was absolutely guaranteed.

The media had their cameras set up and ready. All the staff on site were making hand gestures. Rows of computers were lined in the center of the venue. They were all supremely equipped, and all the headphones were black. This situation looked like that of an all-star concert!

“Sound engineer ready.”

“Lighting tech ready.”

“Commentator ready.”

“Ok, all teams stand by! The countdown is starting!” The chief director, who was in a black cotton coat, was standing in the darkest place as he held the command speaker in his hand. “Three…”

When the director said “Two,” Fu Jiu, who was in the aisle on the far right, tilted her head. She showed her perfect side profile, and her eyes were cool. “Done with your preparations?”

The three of them nodded together.

Fu Jiu hooked the corners of her lips up. “Then let’s get rolling!”