Chapter 214 - This Young Man Is Going to Be a Star!

Chapter 214: This Young Man Is Going to Be a Star!

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With a “bang” sound, the spotlight turned on!

The audience members in the auditorium all stood up, and they looked attentively at the main court!

All twelve teams entered.

Each team had four people.

Forty-eight players in total, comprised of both boys and girls.

The girls were usually very young. Most of them were born after 1992.

Under usual circumstances, the more vicious the game characters were, the sweeter and cuter the operators were in real life. This was the gap moe[1] that the management teams were worshipping.

Honestly, once girls entered, people would usually put their focus on them first.

But today!

Their eyes all uncontrollably landed on that young man with short silver hair.

There were girls in the audience, and they all fell for “him” with a single look!

“Who is that person! So handsome!”

“No idea, I’ve never seen him before! Such a handsome person is not on the livestreams? This is not right!”

“What about their team? Do you recognize their uniforms?”

“I’ve never seen those!”

Not only were the female audience members intrigued, even the director couldn’t help giving Fu Jiu a super close up!

It was not for ulterior motives. It was just to catch that magical moment when “he” hooked the corners of his lips up into a smile!

“Give this one more frames! If this kid has some good gaming skills, he’s gonna be the star!”

The people backstage were still operating!

Fu Jiu held a lollipop in her mouth. She had one hand in her pocket as she led her teammates to the registration place.

The game was broadcast live. Their faces would be shown to all the <Hero> fans along with their game IDs on the screen.

He Honghua and Chen Xiaodong showed up on the screen as managers, and they were both worried.

They were worried that Fu Jiu would be unable to take the failure, so before Fu Jiu entered, they had said to her on their way here, “Jiu, this contest is just for fun. The most important part is to participate. It doesn’t matter if you win or not, as long as you have fun!”

Chen Xiaodong had his own special way of comforting people, “Young Master, since Young Master Qin has started to accept you, even if you are not a gaming nerd, it’s gonna be fine. If you’ve slept with someone, it’s easier to sleep with that person again. Don’t worry, it does not matter if you win or fail; I will not tell Madam that you attended the contest for Young Master Qin.”

Fu Jiu only glanced at him, and then pulled him in closer with her hand around his neck. “Fail? Your young master never fails. Understand?”

He Honghua and Chen Xiaodong couldn’t say anything further.

All they were thinking inside was that they should let Fu Jiu go on more adventures. They had already seen those teammates of hers as well. One guy blushed whenever he met someone. The other guy who always had a cigarette also blushed easily. The only girl was a cutie.

It’s just that, these four… Did they really know the meaning of the Online Gaming Selection Contest?

Also, Spade Z was not going to show up anymore.

He Honghua looked at the entrance hall again. Finally, her gaze landed on that young man who stole everyone’s attention away once he entered.

Although they knew that they were just here for fun, He Honghua still said to Fu Jiu with her hands clenched in fists, “Jiu, rock it!”

She hoped that this kid would win. Just once, she hoped that she would not have any regrets after coming here.

Fu Jiu didn’t feel anything special. She still had a faint smile on the corner of her mouth. The way she was facing her opponents in her uniform easily reminded people of how a king conquered the whole world. No wonder the kids at school thought that she looked like a prince from ancient times…