Chapter 215 - Looking Down Upon Fu Jiu

Chapter 215: Looking Down Upon Fu Jiu

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The Fu family’s players also created a stir. But when they saw Fu Jiu, they all knitted their eyebrows together.

“What the hell? Why is that trash here at the gaming contest?”

“Maybe He Honghua really couldn’t get anyone, so she found a bunch of amateur players and turned them into a team.”

“Even so, it can’t be this trashy!”

In fact, those few players didn’t look bad. They were just too arrogant.

They didn’t stop there and deliberately went to stand in front of Fu Jiu. They lifted their eyebrows halfway and smiled disdainfully, “I can’t imagine how someone can still show off like this after such an embarrassing incident. It looks like you need a few more punches to learn to listen.”

“Look at his face. He must have forgotten how he begged us on his knees at school. Otherwise, he should be acting like a little chicken, right, Young Master Fu?”

That person turned his back as he was saying that.

Fu Ximing was the best looking one out of all of them, but that small face of his was as arrogant as always. He glanced at Fu Jiu and tried his best to stay on his high horse, as if he didn’t put anyone in his eyes. “There’s no need to waste time on this amateur. Go put down your game IDs over there and quickly get on the computers.”

“Young Master Fu is right. We really shouldn’t waste our time on such an amateur.”

This time, aside from Fu Ximing, two members of Fu family’s team were scouted from He Honghua’s side.

The one who just spoke was one of them.

Yin Wuyao was a hot-tempered person. After he had heard this, he was ready to fight!

Fu Jiu blocked his wrist with her hand. She looked at Fu Ximing with both eyes, sounding as carefree as the breeze and the clouds, “Beat me to teach me how to listen? That should be the one you sent to me, right? Your Young Master Fu didn’t tell you how he got his face slapped by me over the phone?”

When Fu Ximing heard that, his facial expression changed abruptly.

The more Fu Jiu showed her attitude, the more Fu Ximing was reminded of the humiliation he received on that day.

The rest of the three players didn’t know what was going on.

They only heard Fu Ximing reply rather coldly, “He can only win with words. Let’s wait until the contest properly begins. We’ll beat the hell out of him with all our techniques. Let’s go now.”

Fu family had invited a reporter who had close relationship with them.

Fu Ximing led his team and walked to the registration area, and they were instantly surrounded by the media!

This was also streamed in the live broadcast.

The difference was that this was not a stage, so there were other interviews going on during the registration as well.

Yin Wuyao looked at those people’s backs and felt pissed. He hooked the corners of his thin lips up and said, “Who’s that brat? Arrogant SOB!”

“It’s not strange that you don’t know him. He’s still so young, so when you were playing professionally, he was still being breastfed.”Fu Jiu looked towards the side and curled up her lips as well. “So? Are you fully motivated after seeing such an arrogant brat?”

Yin Wuyao tilted his head. “Oh, hell yeah!”

“Then let’s fill our names in,” said Fu Jiu as she strode over.

Fu Ximing’s people were all mocking them ignorantly.

They were only an amateur team, so how could their game IDs be famous?

Their names must be ranked at the bottom; they were not going to get any shots for sure.

Online gaming contests were different from other contests, and the exposure of each player’s game ID was one of the most anticipated segments of them all.

People were eager to see the real people behind those godly in-game characters that they knew.

This was the answer that everyone in the audience was waiting for!