Chapter 216 - The First Round of Face Slapping

Chapter 216: The First Round of Face Slapping

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Many people were waiting with their necks stretched forward. They fixed their eyes on the ID name and the corresponding contestant on the screen.

That thrill and excitement was indescribable with words alone. Those who were waiting at the internet cafe all grabbed onto their colas tightly just see the real life versions of their big gods!

But the most important part was!

<Spade Z> was mostly likely among those contestants!

All the seats on site were taken. The biggest reason was that there were so many Spade Z fans, and they were all waiting for Spade Z to show up!

The media reporters that the Fu family had invited put all their attention on Fu Ximing.

Even Manager Feng from Qin Corporation Club was focused on these few professional teams. There were so many people on site that he didn’t recognize Feng Shang.

This was also because Feng Yi never expected that his homebody little brother would show up at a professional gaming contest.

Back when Feng Yi wanted to take him here, Feng Shang never came with him. He only watched the live broadcast from home.

In other words, aside from He Honghua and Chen Xiaodong, nobody had seen the <He Family Corps>.


There was one person!

He was standing above everyone, on the top of the entire competition terrain. He was wearing a pitch-black uniform with a white shirt underneath. Both of his eyes were looking below his feet, and his face was pretty and regal, though it was still as cold as ever.

The people down there couldn’t see him.

During the broadcast, when the camera zoomed in on him, that stunning face, which made people scream, would show up on the screen as it was delivered to each online live streaming platform!

“Almighty Qin!”

“WTFFF, that’s really Almighty Qin! Why do I always feel like he’s become more handsome when I only haven’t seen him for a couple of days! Am I delusional?”

“No, you are not. Almighty Qin is becoming more handsome each day, but what is he looking at? It looks like he’s looking at the registration!”

“He must be looking at me. Almighty Qin has great hopes for me!”

“Give me a break. Can you please not overthink it!”

“Wait, Almighty Qin really is looking at someone!”

“How’s that possible?”

“Why is it not? Almighty Qin and Spade Z always play games together. Is he also looking for Spade Z in the crowd? Does he want to see what he looks like?”

“You mean like a gay meetup[1] on site?”

“Looks like it!”

People all saw Qin Mo as a supreme existence that had witnessed the pinnacle of the online gaming contest. A simple one-minute shot of him created a fervent wave of clicks within just three short minutes, and the number of platform users doubled!

The media were all ready to use this development to create a hotter topic.

Therefore, most of the cameras were facing towards Fu Ximing’s team.

But at this exact moment, when all the people thought that Fu Jiu’s team was just an amateur team, the whole screen suddenly exploded with red!

Everyone looked back, completely in shock.

They only saw a domineering game ID <North of Yin Mountain>. It was ranked No.5 in the national PK rankings!

That was right, in the top five!

New <Leagure of Legends> players might not be familiar with this name.

But the players who had three years of experience or more all wanted to take another look at the game ID in the center of the screen!

After they had confirmed it again, there was a one-second silence on site. Right after that, the excited rounds of screaming began, “Great North! That is Great North! WTF! I’m gonna cry! My favorite professional player is back!!!”

“I’m so happy I didn’t give up on my hopes! I knew Great North was going to come back!”

“What does my Great North look like! Director! Put your freaking camera on him!!!”

[1] Gay Meeting: in Chinese “Mian Ji”, meaning two male friends’ meet-up, for they act quite close, it gives a feeling to others that they may be gay and like each other romantically.