Chapter 217 - He Family Corps, Yin Wuyao

Chapter 217: He Family Corps, Yin Wuyao

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The media personnel were instantly stunned, because such an unexpected name popped up so suddenly.

Fu Ximing and his people didn’t know what had just happened.

“North of Yin Mountain?”

Who’s that?

Now was the time for a commentator to shine. Normally, the commentators were all professional <Hero> players, and they knew how to control the set well. “You all must be wondering who this North of Yin Mountain is? What I’m about to say is going to expose my real age. Five years ago, when <Hero> was still not very popular, I, as a cute little boy, accidentally watched a video of the national ranking contest. I still remember how I decided to become a professional player after I saw a certain man play, and that man is North of Yin Mountain! It’s only that, later, Great North left the online gaming industry. Nobody knew why, and North of Yin Mountain, this game ID, never showed up in the industry ever since then. I believe that many of you who have been waiting for him have the same feelings as me—Great North is finally back!”

The commentator’s voice became a little gravelly at the end.

At that moment, some people’s hands paused in front of their computers. They were all just expecting a normal gaming contest, but before they knew it, their eyes were all red and welling up with tears. You were not the only one .

There would always be that person in this world.

His existence embodied of all those beautiful memories that you had when you were young.

Even if you’re married with kids and will eventually become one of the billions in the world who are extremely normal, just like everyone else, when you see that person, you would be reminded of all those moments in the past that made your eyes brighten and your blood boil.

“North of Yin Mountain” was exactly this kind of existence for many people!

The situation was getting a little out of control on site. Fortunately, the other commentator got into the industry way later. He wiped the tears off his partner’s face, turned his head, and said into the mic seriously, “He’s crying, what should I do?”

“Crying your uncle, I’m not freaking crying!”

“Not crying? Look at your rabbit eyes!”

“Who on earth assigned you to be my commentating partner?!”

“Wasn’t it you who said that since we played games together, we might as well be commentators together. I wasn’t the one who asked!”

“Shut up!”

“Just stop crying. Let big brother get you some candies!”


Hearing their conversation, not only was the director frustrated, even Manager Feng from the side pulled the assistant over. “Who let those two be the commentators?”

“Feng, Boss Feng, you already forgot. You said that they looked like a CP[1], and that was exactly what the audience loved—watching them fight. The most important thing is that when they show up together, the ratings are high…”

Manager Feng took in a long breath. “Tell them to act like love birds at home. Right now, talk some real sh*t! Who is North of Yin Mountain!”

Just now, all the cameras were on Fu Ximing and his team. They were waiting for some hit news from them, so they didn’t move the cameras away.

Thinking about it now, the sound of the screen exposure came from the west, meaning they only heard the sound. They didn’t get a picture of who had logged in with this name <North of Yin Mountain>.

Luckily, a technician adjusted the positions and locked the camera onto the set at the team registration location.

No.31, <He Family Corps>, Yin Wuyao!

He Family Corps?

How’s that possible?

At that moment, even He Honghua herself couldn’t believe what she was seeing on the big screen—those words and pictures!

[1] couple