Chapter 218 - Fu Jiu’s Entrance

Chapter 218: Fu Jiu’s Entrance

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Chen Xiaodong was stunned too, and the shocked expression on his face was really obvious.

Were the people scouted by the young master all… all this good?!

Fu Ximing and his people all widened their eyes.

They could never have expected that such a great figure would be in that amateur team!

Fu Ximing’s facial expression changed, before he said slowly, “That’s nothing strange. In order for them to look good, it’s normal for He Honghua to hire some master with a big sum of money. As for the rest… How good can they be if they’re playing with Fu Jiu?”

However, just as Fu Ximing finished talking, another light exploded on the side of <He Family Corps>!

“Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure.”

He was a popular player in the Glory C Section who was ranked in the top seven nationally.

If you played <Hero>, then you knew this ID!

This person was not only fully equipped, he was also a top big god master!

Almost instantly, flood-like discussions swept the entire field!

“WTF! Where did this He Family Corps come from! Their team’s player rankings are amazing!”

“Not only amazing! It’s simply as if they scouted all the top ranking big gods of Hero!”

“Honestly, I thought they were just a small amateur team. I didn’t expect that they would be this good!”

“What about those media reporters? They didn’t even get their backgrounds? How unprofessional!”

All the media reporters were also about to cry, alright!

How would they know that a team, which was established temporarily and had no reason be on the interview cameras, could flip the whole terrain over!

People had already started screaming from the very beginning, and they were still screaming like they would never stop.

Some were shouting, “Follow your big brother. I’ll take you to kill monsters, take you flying!”

They were all shouting at Feng Shang. Even those female players couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw how handsome and pretty that <Award You A Slap of Pleasure> was in person!

They played ranking games sometimes too, and they had also encountered the other party. His techniques and way of talking online were very different from how he was in person. Was this what they called the gap moe?

Manager Feng, who was standing in the control room, paused his waving left hand that was about to send out some commands.

Almost no one would have ever predicted this scene.

First, a god who had disappeared five years ago showed up again. Then, there was the top ranking RMB player.

These two were so good that they could each lead their own teams——<He Family Corps>!

This was a team that had been never heard of by anyone before.

However, those two were really sitting there, and the computer screens were exuding a faint blue light. Every sign indicated that this was really happening!

This time, the director ordered the cameras to fix their angle on them instead.

Fu family’s players, who were about to log into their accounts in front of the cameras, all had their hands hanging in the air with green faces.

The most highly anticipated team in previous publications couldn’t even win over the popularity of an amateur team that came out of nowhere.

This was no doubt the most embarrassing scene that they had ever faced. They all felt like their faces were burning from the sting of being slapped.

However, the audience on and off site no longer cared about the Fu Family Team.

At this time, everyone was wondering the same question.

To be able to recruit these two masters, this team’s captain must be extraordinary!

Then what might his game ID be?


Subtle tapping sounds on the keyboard began to sound.

The camera moved towards it, and the first letter that silver-haired young man typed in popped up on the screen…