Chapter 219 - He Is Spade Z?!

Chapter 219: He Is Spade Z?!

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Those fair hands had miraculous hand speed, and they were typing extremely quickly.

Together with the young man’s head of devilishly handsome silver hair, he had an aura of inexplicable coolness.

Nobody’s eyes could catch up with the young man’s typing speed.

Then, a dazzling name showed up at the center of the big screen—Spade Z!!!

He Honghua instantly choked on her saliva. Her mouth dropped wide open, but she couldn’t make any sounds. Both of her eyes were looking dazedly at the screen. Even her black pupils heavily dilated.

Chen Xiaodong’s reaction was straightforward. The glow stick in his hand dropped directly onto the ground.

Spa… Spade Z?

My… My young master is …Spade Z?!

That, that big god who got all the First Clears in the section, Spade Z?!

How’s this even possible!

Isn’t Young Master a game scum that doesn’t even know how to choose game characters?!

Although Young Master has become more diligent recently in order to pursue Young Master Qin, even locking himself up in his room to play Hero every day.

But… But how could he be Spade Z?!

Chen Xiaodong took another look at the silver-haired young man sitting in front of his computer, and even his fingers started to quiver.

He couldn’t express his mood at that time.

He was excited and shocked, but even more importantly, he was in complete disbelief that this was happening.

Indeed, he couldn’t believe it, but all the audience members on site made up for it by reacting in the most enthusiastic way.

With a swoosh, everyone jumped up!

Not only that, the number of viewers on the internet platforms shot through the roof as soon as this ID showed up!

The cheers in the internet cafe almost peeled off the rooftop!

Everyone was tightly grasping the cola cans in their hands, and their eyes on the screen were shaking!

Spade Z!

That is Spade Z?!

Because the reaction was too strong, the reporters had to stand up to maintain the peace and order. “Quiet, please. The logging in of ID’s hasn’t finished yet. Everyone please be quiet!”

How could they be quiet?

It was their Big Spade for goodness’ sake!

That new player king, Big Spade, who swept the entirety of Zone C’s First Clears!

In fact, they didn’t have wild expectations about their male god’s appearance.

The media had said perhaps the reason why Spade Z was this low key was because he was ugly and didn’t want to be seen in public. Before, they definitely didn’t use nice words.

But now, everyone would become his fans just by looking at that face!

Too handsome!

Too young!

Especially the way the young man held a lollipop in his mouth. He lowered his eyes as he typed, his thick eyelashes casting a shadow on his cheeks.

His chopped silver hair matched perfectly with his black and white uniform, without making the young man look decadent at all. On the contrary, he looked flawlessly pretty.

Wild, arrogant, and regal!

He looked as if, with a single wave with his hand, he could conquer thousands of soldiers.

This…This was indeed the action that made the spectators’ blood boil!

Was that really their male god <Spade Z>?

Almost everyone held his or her breath.

The camera was on the young man’s face.


With a du sound.

The log-in failed.

The screen showed, “You have the wrong password or account…”

This news was like icy water that was poured right down on one’s head, immediately dousing out everyone’s passion.

The shock and thrill on the audience’s faces disappeared.

It was not only those who were on the platform. Even the commentator couldn’t cover the disappointment in his eyes!

Log-in failed?

What was that?

Yin Wuyao and Feng Shang who had already sat down in front of their computers both turned their heads over abruptly and looked at the young man!

Xue Yaoyao froze up completely. How is this possible? Why can’t His Highness Jiu log in?