Chapter 22 - Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s Encounter

Chapter 22: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s Encounter

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Qin Mo looked up at him. His eyes were especially deep, clearly revealing how important this news was to him.

Fatty turned his laptop towards him as he exclaimed, “CEO Qin, just now, several internet cafés were paralyzed at the same time! Normal people would think that it was just a coincidence, thinking that they got hit by an internet virus, but that is not the case! Hackers like us would know; viruses don’t come and go quickly like that, disappearing without someone cleaning it. That’s impossible! The biggest possibility would be that a hacker initiated an attack! So I checked out this internet café’s internet, and I found the problem! It wasn’t a virus; someone initiated the hidden working mode! In other words, thousands of computers in Jiang City were all operating under one person!”

COCO was completely shocked and he lost his grip on the rabbit in his mouth. “This guy is that formidable?”

“Of course!” Fatty was extremely excited. “Do you even know what this means? Someone who can do this would at least rank among the top three hackers nationally!! But what’s strange is, nowadays, top hacker bosses use their own laptops to attack, but he was on an internet café’s computer! That’s totally Spade Z’s style!”

After hearing all this, Qin Mo leaned back with his legs crossed. Emotionlessly, he raised his eyebrow halfway, like an ancient king, cautiously and lazily. “So? Which internet café was he at?”

Fatty paused and coughed twice. “There were too many virtual IPs, thousands of them looking for something at the same time, and he hid his tracks. I, I couldn’t figure it out.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo’s eyes turned cold.

Fatty added quickly, “CEO Qin, this Spade Z is really good! I, I’m no match for him.”

COCO started to tug at Fatty’s sleeve after he had said that, wanting him to shut up!

Don’t you see that Captain is still upset at being tricked?

Saying how brilliant Spade Z is at this time, idiot!

Qin Mo stood up and picked up the wine glass on the table. He swirled it a bit, and the red liquid in the glass that looked like blood seemingly carried malicious hostility.

He was standing by the full window, facing everyone with his back, as if he was considering something, as if the entire city was trampled under his foot.

Then, he took a sip of the red wine. His fair skin was like ice and gave anyone who saw it chills…

“He was looking for someone.” Qin Mo tilted his head, and it looked as if there was a stream of light floating in his pupils.

Fatty was stunned. “Who?”

“Who else, Spade Z,” COCO cut in, “But Captain, how did you know he was looking for someone?”

Qin Mo asked back plainly while holding the glass in his hand, “Searching with thousands of computers, if not looking for someone, what else would it be?”

Fatty patted on his forehead very regretfully. “Exactly, why didn’t I think about that!”

“Such a severe search, this person must be Spade Z’s next target.” Qin Mo’s eyes were like frozen pools, filled with icy depths. “There will be more after this. Keep an eye on the recent hottest internet news and dig him out!”

“Roger that!” Fatty’s voice just faded away when the cat-like young man, COCO, who was playing with his mouse, glanced at his computer inadvertently. He suddenly screamed, pointing at the screen. His voice was shaking, “Cap-captain! Spade… Spade Z is on!”