Chapter 220 - They Said Fu Jiu Was Faking Spade Z!

Chapter 220: They Said Fu Jiu Was Faking Spade Z!

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While everyone was still in shock, the Fu Family Team started laughing coldly, “Heh, what the heck? Someone is posing as Spade Z for attention? Does he want to be kicked out?”


This word was like a tornado that swept through the entire gaming contest field!

The audience didn’t want this kind of thing to happen, especially those fans of <Spade Z>. But if the young man was not faking it, then why wasn’t his login information working?

At once, everyone changed the way they were looking at Fu Jiu.

The thrill from earlier now turned to suspicion. Some even showed hostility in their eyes as they looked at Fu Jiu.

Feng Shang got worried. “You-you all, stop bullsh*tting! Ca-ca-captain, is Spade Z!”

“Haha, God, I’m dying from laughter now! Is this man stuttering for real?”The people from the Fu Family Team weren’t hiding their loud laughter at all. “Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure, is that right? You talk fine in-game, but I didn’t know you were like this in real life. Just how poor is He Honghua exactly? She even hired a little stutter to compete!”

Feng Shang was fine with hearing those words, but Manager Feng in the control room wasn’t fine at all. He wanted so badly to drag that blabbermouth inside through the thick window for a good punch!

But before he could act out, he heard a bang sound!

The silver-haired young man, who was sitting in front of the computer, kicked the chair away forcefully. He had one hand in his pocket, and he looked at those players from the Fu Family coldly as he hooked his lips up into a sly smile. “Who was it you said that was stuttering? A dog that betrayed the He family, what right do you have to bark here?”

The young man’s voice was so pretty that it had a casual magnetism to it, which caught almost everyone’s ears as soon as he spoke up.

That person’s face blushed severely after hearing what Fu Jiu just said. Both of his hands tightened, and he didn’t want to say anything else.

Fu Ximing stopped him with his hand, and he pretended to be as arrogant as he could:. “There’s no need to waste your time on someone who wants to fake being me.”

Wants to fake HIM?

Soon, the people caught the important message behind Fu Ximing’s words, and another round of roaring thundered.

“What does Young Master Fu mean? That…That he is the real Spade Z?”

“Thinking about it, it’s really possible that Young Master Fu is the real Spade Z! Didn’t the media report before that he was an inner selectee by the Qin Corporation previously!?”

It was like the guess had just been proved, and everyone started to look at one another!

With the audience’s understanding, they all looked at Fu Ximing.

“If this is the case, then that Fu Jiu is really shameless!”

“He’s simply shameless to the extreme, alright? Our great Spade Z is for no one to fake!”

Xue Yaoyao looked at those critical eyes, becoming increasingly anxious.

The saddest thing in the world was someone else taking your identity without you being able to prove it.

“Captain…” Not only Xue Yaoyao, but even Yin Wuyao, that uncle, was worried to death as he looked at the young man’s sharp and handsome side profile.

As a mother, the pain in He Honghua’s heart was killing her as she looked at that back standing in the center of the terrain while being accused unfairly by everyone.

That was her child.

And she knew her child better than anyone else did.

Even though Fu Jiu used to be weak and shy, liking to vent her temper on others and casting money away carelessly, but she would never do anything like posing as someone else!

This was an issue about principles and bottom lines. She would never cross those!