Chapter 221 - Lord Jiu, Almighty Qin

Chapter 221: Lord Jiu, Almighty Qin

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At this time, Fu Ximing had already sat down in front of his computer. He moved his fingers and logged directly into the game page. The big light exploded in red!

The 99 FC record holder.

Top ranked in the entire server.

That ID, which held endless glory, showed up in front of everyone just like that!

“Spade Z!”

As the audience all screamed this name out, their chests shaking. They were indescribably thrilled.

Fu Ximing hooked his lips up in the midst of the endless cheers, showered in the attention of millions.

His mum was right.

<Spade Z>, this game ID, was worth the princely sum they spent to get it.

But he didn’t expect that this scum would turn out to be <Spade Z>!

When Fu Jiu was trying to log in with this name, he was a little worried, until someone accused him of faking it.

Then he came up with this good idea!

In the world of games, the one who could log in with that ID was the real <Spade Z>!

Fu Ximing stood up and quite calmly threw a glance at Fu Jiu.

When he was buying the account before, he had never liked this <Spade Z>.

Now, he finally knew why he didn’t like it.

But, now… He was going to destroy <He Family Corps> completely with this ID!

And Fu Jiu couldn’t do anything about it!

He could only watch! Hehehe.

Fu Ximing’s smile was more obvious now.

Experienced players like Feng Shang and Yin Wuyao instantly knew that their captain had been set up!


Yin Wuyao couldn’t help cursing out loud!

He got out of the circle to avoid this kind of darkness and evilness.

He didn’t expect that he would encounter such a disgusting thing as soon as he re-entered.

Now what?

Captain must be the one suffering the most now?

Yin Wuyao always called Fu Jiu a mere high school kid, just like a big uncle would. Now, he was worried to death for him.

How could he not be?

Everyone who knew Fu Jiu was completely furious!

Just as people were dealing out the second wave of insults, they suddenly heard a “bang” sound!

The gate to the rooftop was kicked open to one side by someone.

Qin Mo, wearing his pitch black uniform, showed up at the gate just like that. With his long, straight legs and his beautiful side profile, he walked out serenely, looking like he was an animated character.

Secretary Liang was breathing heavily behind him, and he shouted with worriedly, “Boss, CEO Qin…” We are still on live broadcast. Even if you can’t bear others bullying Young Master Fu, you shouldn’t act carelessly on your rage!

The audience fell into utter shock once they saw Qin Mo!

No one expected that Almighty Qin would come down!

Qin Mo didn’t say anything, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a freezing arc. There was a heavy iciness in his eyes, and he hooked his finger and threw his uniform at Secretary Liang. He looked like he was going to deal with this himself.

However, Fu Jiu calmly and quietly looked back with her deep eyes.

Qin Mo suddenly stopped.

The two equally handsome men looked at each other like they were the only two people left in this world.

Aside from being handsome, there was unshaped chemistry clashing between them.

Nobody could read their inner story.

Qin Mo understood what the young man meant; he wanted to do it himself.

In response, Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows.

Fu Jiu laughed out loud. She touched her thin lips with her fingertips and winked with her left eye, looking very flirty.

Qin Mo looked at the young man’s face, which was not far away from him. He paused a little, then backed away…