Chapter 222

Chapter 222: His Highness Jiu in Action, Hacking the Whole Internet

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Everyone watched as Almighty Qin stepped back. No one had any idea what was going to happen next.

Normally, if someone stole <Spade Z’s> identity, wouldn’t Almighty Qin ask him to fu*k off? Why did he step back from the scene?

Even Secretary Liang was confused. Just now, the iciness being exuded by Almighty Qin almost numbed everyone’s hearts. How come it was suddenly reduced by so much like this?

No, not exactly. Rather than reduced, it was CEO Qin who contained the evilness within his eyes.

Secretary Liang didn’t think that this was a good sign at all.

Under normal circumstances, the quieter CEO Qin became, the more nastily the other party would die.

But what was bothering Secretary Liang was that CEO Qin still had the patience to stand there and wait like this.

The audience members were all confused too, and they looked at the field again.

They saw that, despite all the noise, that young man calmly sat back down in front of “his” computer. The side profile of his face was so pretty and tranquil that it looked as if “he” totally was not the one being unfairly accused.

Fu Jiu moved her long fingers, and she adjusted the mic next to her mouth. Her silver hair dropped down and casually covered her eyes.

Then she laughed, “I was only away from playing games for a couple of days, and my account has already been stolen. How interesting! But that’s okay, there is a perfect way to prove who is the real Spade Z.”

As she was talking, she was typing on the keyboard with both of her hands. That was some legit blind typing, and her finger techniques stunned everyone.

“WTF! This guy types so freaking fast!”

That was from that commentator. One could easily tell how deeply impressed he was at witnessing this scene

But she wasn’t done yet!

As soon as Fu Jiu’s fingertips landed, the screen in front of her fell into pure darkness. The only thing that could be seen were strings of white code!

“What, what is this?!”

Some people were stunned. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“This is an internet attack! He is hacking the internet on site! This is my first time seeing a real internet hacking! It’s so freaking awesome!”

“Internet attack? What is that?”

“You don’t know about it? He is hacking the official website of <Hero>. Oh, wait! Not only <Hero>, he’s hacking the whole live streaming platform. Everything is under his control now, WTFFF! This is insane! I don’t care, he’s Spade Z, I’m fanboying over him! He’s like the real life hacker god!”

“Hacking techniques? You’re saying that he’s a hacker?”

“WTF, bro. Look at the codes, what is jumping on the screen?! Have some common sense, please! How can he not be a hacker!”

No matter how noisy the field had become, Fu Jiu remained sitting collectedly. She still had that lollipop in her mouth, and it didn’t affect her talking pleasantly in her sly, brooding voice at all, “Everyone leaves real personal information when he or she creates a new account. My information was hidden via special methods, so it wouldn’t have been checked by anyone. Even the official sites can’t see my information, but with a simple reveal of the hidden data here, everything will be shown.”

The whole hacking process was so fast that before people could react, the young man had already hit the enter key on the keyboard!

Her beautiful finger techniques instantly stopped!

There were no more rhythmic tapping sounds hitting the keyboard on site.

The whole screen was filled with the registration information form of <Hero>, and the real name of the one who had registered the account Spade Z was—Fu Jiu!