Chapter 223 - Fanboying Spade Z or Dissing him???

Chapter 223: Fanboying Spade Z or Dissing him???

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It’s Fu Jiu, not Fu Ximing!

Suddenly, all their breaths stopped!

After seeing this, those who claimed to be <Spade Z>’s fans and admirers, but were just dissing Fu Jiu awfully, all shut their mouths immediately.

On the contrary, those who didn’t say anything shouted out at this time, “Our Great Spade is so cool!”

They all directly accepted Fu Jiu’s true identity.

In fact, those who genuinely admired Spade Z acted lowkey ever since they entered.

They never believed that Fu Ximing was the Great Spade. After all, they still remembered what their idol had previously said.

One time, when Great Spade had killed the boss monster with one strike during a live stream, he had said that he would join He Corporation.

However, the public opinion was misled by some reports, and so people believed that Fu Ximing was Spade Z just now.

They didn’t understand why some people didn’t listen to their idol’s own words, instead buying into some analyses without proof.

Are you guys sure that you are fans and not dissers???

The support came just in time. After that, it was followed by a long series of whistling!

Fu Ximing didn’t expect that things would develop like this. The official site being hacked here and the registration information being obtained… He felt like he had just had a nightmare!

Fu Jiu, you perverted trash! Since when did you become this good?!

Not only Fu Ximing, but even Feng Shang and Yin Wuyao didn’t know that their captain was capable of this!


Such a mysterious and surreal profession seemed so far away from their lives.

Chen Xiaodong couldn’t believe this was all happening. Their young master, who only knew how to chase men to the point that he even forgot about eating and drinking, was actually a hacker!

He Honghua couldn’t stop her own eyes from shaking!

Her Jiu… That was her own daughter… Jiu…

Fu Jiu stood up in the middle of the commotion, sliding one hand into her pocket. She lifted her eyebrows at the Fu Family Team, looking extremely cool. “Are your faces stinging in pain now?”

Those simple words made Fu Ximing’s face instantly turn green. Even his lips were no longer as lively as usual!

That facial expression seemed to have a capitalized “INSULT” written on his face!

The funny thing was that the camera was on him at that time, so everyone on site saw his embarrassment!

When everyone thought this was the end to the whole thing…

Those so-called Spade Z fans who claimed to love him felt that Fu Jiu was not only slapping Fu Ximing’s face, but also their own faces! So they started drama, “You are a hacker. How can we know that you didn’t hack into the system and change the personal info? Want to prove you are Spade Z with a single piece of paper? Hehe, you think we are dumb?”

Those real Spade Z fans were having a heart attack after hearing those nonsense. “Hell yeah, you are dumb as f*ck! Are you all supporting Great Spade or dissing him!?”

“We want the truth!” When the so-called fans said this, they felt like they were little angels who were seeking nothing but justice!

Fu Ximing caught the reversal and spoke up with a pretentious voice, “Nowadays, a hacker can do anything!”

<Spade Z> fans really couldn’t endure his disgusting attitude anymore, so they rolled up their sleeves because they wanted so badly to throw a punch at him!

They also wanted to bag those fake fans and toss them out of the window along with him! They simply couldn’t bear those irritating comments! Where were their brains!!!

But at this time, Fu Jiu laughed out loud. Those gorgeous eyes were painted with an endless black mist. “Fu Ximing, why are you so worried? I didn’t ask you to give me back my account.”

As she was speaking, she looked back and said to the judges, “Distinguished judges, I’m using a new account for this contest.”