Chapter 224 - Competing with a New Account?!

Chapter 224: Competing with a New Account?!

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Competing with a new account?!

All the judges looked at one another in utter shock.

In all the past years, there had never been anyone who used a new account during the gaming selection contest.

A new account had too many limitations. After all, players needed to be at a certain level to use the top equipment in-game.

So this guy is planning on playing the ranking games without any equipment?

Even so, there was no such rule in the competition policy that forbade this…

All the judges looked towards the control room because of this special situation. Just as they wanted to communicate with Manager Feng, Qin Mo’s low and attractive voice came out of nowhere. Like a newly opened bottle of fine wine, it was emitting its own kind of elegance. “Allow him.”

As always, Almighty Qin really cherished his words like gold.

But the backs of the commentators who knew Qin Mo personally all stiffened up.

Captain… Captain never spoke up for anyone before…

Those two commentators felt like they had discovered some kind of big secret. They looked at each other, and without waiting for the judges’ reactions, they said, “Alright, Fu Jiu is using a new account in this contest. Get ready for the first round!”

It was a very crisp opening match.

The goal of a live broadcast was to create topics nonstop and keep the pace lively.

All the players sat back down in front of their computers.

In the ranking contest, all the matchups for PK’s were generated randomly.

They all thought it was just going to be a normal contest, but another hot topic unexpectedly appeared, because everyone wanted to know who the real Spade Z was.

The PK teams were shown on the big screen.

Fu Ximing and Fu Jiu weren’t matched up in this round, but those who worshipped Fu Ximing wanted to PK with the <He Family Corps>.

“Young Master Fu, let us play this round. We’ll help you teach this stupid kid a lesson. With a stutterer and an outdated player who only have good ranks, what else can they do?”

Using a new account to compete?

Those people laughed out loud coldly. They locked their eyes back onto the computer screen, typing to their teammates, making busy tapping sounds, “The new account is their weakness. Kill them all!”

“Copy that!”

“Roger that!”

The game was fully on.

Fu Jiu put her headphones on over her silver hair. Her fingers weren’t on the keyboard, and she was only moving the mouse with one hand.

That team expected that the new account would have no attacking power and would soon be killed!

But when they got close to this game ID <Jiu>, <Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> and <North of Yin Mountain> showed up from nowhere. With two big strikes, the screen exploded with silver light, killing every single person on that team in a split second!

The battle hadn’t even lasted for a minute yet!

Two people from the <He Family Corps> weren’t even playing yet, and those people’s HP were already all drained!

Was there still a need to play further?

The captain of that team struggled to stand up.

<North of Yin Mountain> smoothly turned and drained the last bit of his HP.

The game that was being broadcast on the big screen was also being simultaneously cast on the players’ computer screens. The handsomeness of that beautiful hand speed and return stroke directly soared up to the skies!

“Outdated big god?”

“Little stutterer?”

“Heh, we’re decimating you!”

Yin Wuyao and Feng Shang, who had never been this good at complimenting each other in-game, typed this out at the same time.

A round of wild cheers started on the field!

But those fans were not satisfied. “This only proves how good Great North and God Slap are. Let’s get this straight—I personally like God Shang a lot and will support the He Family Corps, but did that Fu Jiu even do anything? He only moved his mouse to hide there and gain HP!”