Chapter 225 - Lord Jiu Is on the Move!

Chapter 225: Lord Jiu Is on the Move!

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When Feng Shang heard this, he almost spit his blood out. He didn’t easily lose his temper, but even his face couldn’t help turning cold. “I can’t take that kind of support from you!”

This was his first time breaking down his mental barriers to shout so loudly in public!

Fu Jiu tilted her head and looked at him.

Feng Shang thought his idol was going to praise him, so he blushed uncontrollably!

Who knew that his idol would pat him on his shoulders and smile handsomely, “It seems that rage can cure stuttering.”

Feng Shang: “…”

“Okay, get ready for the second round.”

Under Fu Jiu’s command, all players of <He Family Corps> logged into the game page.

Over the course of three rounds of PK, Fu Jiu only did some simple movements.

But was it really as simple as it appeared?

Whoever played games would know that the most difficult part of gaming lied in details like this.

Only masters were able to do those precise things, such avoiding people’s attacks and moving around without affecting your fellow teammates’ attacks.

The commentators were employees of Qin Corporation. After they saw all this, they already knew that Fu Jiu wasn’t a player who only knew to hide and get free HP.

It was the opposite; that young man hadn’t made his move yet. Once he did—even they had no way of confirming exactly how good he was!

But some fans were quite arrogant and full of themselves. They had already set their minds on seeing Fu Jiu as some amateur player who was only getting free HP.

After a full round, only four teams were left on site.

Finally, a line of words appeared on the screen!

<He Family Corps> PK <Fu Family Team>!

The players from <Fu Family Team> were all really good. After all, they were professionally trained.

No matter how amazing Fu Jiu’s hacking skills were, they still didn’t see him as someone who played games well.

They had stayed in He Corporation long enough to know what kind of person Fu Jiu was.

Even if he really knew how to play games well, he wanted to beat them using a new account?

They were different from all the previous teams. With the techniques that they had been hiding, controlling <North of Yin Mountain> was easy for them.

“Captain,” someone was trying to message Fu Ximing, “All the attacks were initiated by North of Yin Mountain from the very beginning. Should we focus on him?”

Fu Ximing was operating on <Spade Z’s> account. He freed his hand and replied, “I’m attacking. You guys cooperate and keep an eye on Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure!”

“Copy that!”

This kind of arrangement proved that they didn’t even have Fu Jiu, or Xue Yaoyao, in their eyes. They totally ignored her.

Fu Ximing bought a lot of top equipment for today’s contest. He drew his long, straight sword and directly ran to <North of Yin Mountain>!

They planned to give <Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> a dazzling strike after finishing off <North of Yin Mountain>!

Because as soon as they killed <North of Yin Mountain>, <Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> would be the first one to try to save the situation.

As for the others?

The other two from <He Family Corps> only knew how to move slowly. They weren’t worth their attention at all!

Yin Wuyao understood their plan, and he switched to full-defensive mode at once!

“You want to defend against me?” Fu Ximing laughed coldly, “Admit it, North of Yin Mountain, you are outdated. You are just a middle-aged professional player who doesn’t have any more value to be used. Even if you came here to compete, so what?”

Yin Wuyao had to admit that when he heard this, he paused a little.

But in that small window of time, the young man next to him sprang into action!