Chapter 226

Chapter 226: His Highness Jiu’s Explosive Attack Terminates the Whole Team!

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With a “ka-da” sound!

The sound of rhythmic tapping rang out!

Everyone heard a steady stream of a clean, cool voice. “Yaoyao, give Brother Yin your HP.”

“Yes.” Xue Yaoyao had great coordination.

This girl, who had been ignored the entire time, shifted her mouse and released the medicine right in time.

Fu Jiu was still talking, “Feng Shang, back me up.”


This meant that Fu Jiu wasn’t only operating her own character, but also controlling the whole situation!

Fu Ximing’s people saw this and wanted to kill Xue Yaoyao. After all, if she successfully gave Yin Wuyao medicine, <North of Yin Mountain> would come back to life and attack!

Who knew that before he even moved his feet, the figure of a man with the sign <Jiu> on top of his head showed up next to him. His white coat was blown everywhere by the winds just like the arrival of the wind itself!

He came up too quickly!

He was simply too fast!

That person didn’t even clearly see who it was.

Fu Jiu’s beautiful hands were dancing over the black keyboard. Her smooth movements and operations released a lethal attack!

In a split second, the whole screen was filled with a blinding silver light, completely creating an aura of majesty!

That person who wanted to defend couldn’t do anything but watch his HP drop to the bottom. He didn’t even have the chance to refill his HP, and he was thoroughly defeated just like that!

People who died in the ranking PK would not respawn.

That person looked at that black screen and threw the mouse in his hand away heavily. His long legs unwillingly kicked forward!

So that was it for him?

To everyone’s surprise, the young man’s onslaught continued!

On the screen, when the silver light was about to disappear, Fu Jiu moved the mouse in her hand, turning back and locking onto the game character that was coming at her for revenge. It was another absolute sweep!

“WTF! Cloud Tiger, did you see that? His hands didn’t even stop!”

Even the commentators were overly excited as they grasped onto each other’s arms!

The other narrator <Cloud Tiger> didn’t have any time to disagree with him. His eyes were locked onto the screen in front of him, and suddenly, his eyes began sparkling. “There’s more!”

There was really more, indeed!

This was simply unheard of before!

The headphones were over Fu Jiu’s silver hair, and her eyes weren’t even looking at the keyboard. She only looked at the screen, and of course that lollipop was still in her mouth. Her left hand was on the keyboard, while her right hand was controlling the mouse.

Normally, people’s left hands weren’t that fast.

But for her, there was no difference between using her left hand or her right hand!

Therefore, she generated a series of unseen explosive attacks!

Fu Ximing didn’t know what had just happened. He only saw a stream of silver light, and his HP was half-gone. But wait, there was still more. Before he could move, another round of silver devoured him entirely.

He was operating as <Spade Z>, but he didn’t even have the chance to lift his hand.


Attacking in movement!

Dominating the whole terrain!

After the silver light had faded, not even a minute had passed since the beginning of the contest, but there were already two familiar letters that showed up on the big screen: “KO!”

Fu Jiu was still laughing mischievously, handsomely, and rowdily!

However, it was all over.

The moment Fu Jiu put her hands on the keyboard, this was bound to happen. This round’s surprises never stopped!

The entire audience was stunned as they watched all of this unfold.

Not only the ones in the control room, but even the people in the internet cafe were all acting like they were under a spell. From their eyes to their hearts, they were all numb!

That guy just decimated the entire team single-handedly!