Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Lord Jiu Said He Can Kill You with a New Account

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This all looked so unbelievably familiar!

The young man didn’t have any equipment. Using a new account, he could still terminate the whole team with one strike!

Looking at all the recent contests in the past ten years, only Almighty Qin managed to ever do that!

This was not only about the operator’s skills, it was also about the operator having a clear strategy to execute!

Almighty Qin was called the most valuable professional player because he had the skills to control the entire situation with his operations.

Now, this happened again!

And it happened with a new player. This was already shocking enough!

In fact, even Yin Wuyao didn’t expect their captain to be THIS good.

They looked at the silver light that had blossomed on the screen and at those two letters that represented victory.

At that moment, that sentence Yin Wuyao had heard from the young man snuck into his head again, “What’s the big deal about getting an award? We play to rock the whole gaming world!”

This time, it wasn’t just the gaming community in Jiang City that was shocked. Even on a national scale, Fu Jiu’s skills were at the pinnacle of the gaming world!

Especially that final strike, which killed the enemy in a flawless spiral full of glory. It was simply exceedingly handsome!

Those noisy dissers were all struck dumb now.

It was clear who those techniques belonged to!

That was clearly how Spade Z counterattacked when he was playing games before!

You could fake one’s identity, but you could never fake a person’s unique qualities and skills while he was operating his character!

All the analyses of people who played games professionally had concluded that mimicking Spade Z was impossible unless one had godly hand speed!

They couldn’t describe their feelings right now. They only felt the bursts of pain on their faces and an overwhelming sense of inexplicable embarrassment!

Fu Ximing was flabbergasted the entire time. He was still looking at that screen covered in silver light. He couldn’t believe that his team was decimated!

Normally, the winning side’s signature attacks would be replayed on the screen. They did this for every round.

But this time, during the replay, the commentator didn’t even react. He only sat there with wide eyes!


A crazy round of whistling reverberated through the whole field!

Many people stood up as they were waving their arms and banging their glow sticks on their chairs to make noise!

Fu Ximing’s face had never been this pale before. He looked as if he had no blood left in his body.

He was still logged in as Spade Z on the screen.

His pale image, together with this ID, was a complete eyesore!

Everyone knew that Spade Z was so popular because he had never lost any games!

99 wins, all FC’s under his presence.

He became so popular because of these dazzling battle records.

But now, such a glorious and shiny account didn’t even mean anything in Fu Ximing’s hands. He couldn’t even fight back!

Who the real Spade Z was couldn’t be any more obvious!

But things were not over yet!

Fu Jiu laughed lightly, and she took her headphones off with her head tilted to one side. She threw it casually onto the desk. A few strands of her silver hair stuck up, making her look even more youthful and handsome. As she kicked the chair hard with her left foot, the chair instantly slipped backwards, and she rested her hand back on it carelessly. Then, she sat on the chair lazily, and while she still held that lollipop in her mouth, she tilted her head and looked at Fu Ximing. She curled her thin lips up slowly. “I played this round only to tell you that the real Spade Z can kill you even with a new account.”