Chapter 228 - Slapping Your Face Swollen

Chapter 228: Slapping Your Face Swollen

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After hearing this sentence, the roar of cheering on site exploded all the way up to the sky!

The number of views on every major internet platform broke through a hundred million!

Everyone was sweeping the discussion area with messages!

Even the platform technicians had never seen such fast commenting speed!

They were even worried that the internet would crash!


“This is my Great Spade! I can kill you with a new account!”

“The real capable ones kill, not talk nonsense!”

“Where is the commentator?! Playback and commentate!”

“Even the commentator became my Great Spade’s fan!”

“Let me just ask you, who else! Who else! Those who were dissing my Great Spade, open your eyes! I’ve been enduring all of your nonsense for so long in front of my computer! As a middle aged uncle, let me share with you some science. That was a spin-snatch that only the Great Spade’s hand speed could pull off, got that? That Fu Ximing, give Spade Z’s account back. If not, we will show you what we hackers are capable of!”

Those comments would show up on the main screen on the field at the same time to facilitate better interaction.

The audience saw all of this and became very excited.

“Middle-aged uncle also likes our Great Spade?”

“My Great Spade attracts all, regardless of gender!”

“He said they were hackers…”

“It doesn’t matter! Just return the account of Spade Z!”

“Give it back!”

In an instant, all the Spade Z fans were asking for Fu Ximing to give the account back!

In such an awkward situation, <Fu Family Team’s> people couldn’t sit still anymore.

Fu Ximing himself tightened both of his fists. His face became pale before turning purple!

How could the media miss a shot that amazing? They all caught it in time!

Fu Ximing tried to hide his face using his hand, but the more he wanted to hide, the more embarrassing it became for him.

“Can you be a little civilized? Why are you asking someone to give away his account?” There were still some evil fans who couldn’t accept this result, because if they admitted that Fu Jiu was <Spade Z>, then those poisonous things they had said would become daggers pointing at themselves instead!

They still wanted to argue and get out of it, but as soon as they spoke up, they were pressed back down!

“Shut up and give the account back!”

The real Spade Z fans were not to be messed up with. They were strong and tough when they needed to be, and they would throw those dissers out if they spoke more nonsense.

Fu Jiu smiled at the audience at this time. With her flirting skills and beautiful voice, the people who were looking at her all melted up from inside out. “There’s no need to; I’m taking it back myself.”

As she was saying that, she moved her fingers, and a hidden chat window showed up on the computer screen. She then pressed on the enter key.

Fu Ximing’s computer was controlled by something, and on the screen, the codes that were impossible to read were jumping nonstop.

“WTF! He installed a virus on the other computer while he was playing games! How did he even do that!?”

“I only focused on Great Spade’s unique strike… God! I’m asking the official website for a super slow playback!”

“You wouldn’t find anything in the playback. Installing a virus during games is a technical problem!”

“Why, I just think my Great Spade is like an immortal god!”

The commentators finally regained their senses. Fu Jiu moved her mouse and logged in again using that account, making so many authentic online gaming fans’ blood boil. They themselves couldn’t beat the system.

<Spade Z>!

Just like what the young man had said, he could take it back himself!

There was not just Spade Z’s acciybt on the screen. The date modification history on other ID’s was also there. Two days ago, someone changed the password to the ID <Spade Z>.

It was so obvious to see who did that!