Chapter 229 - Places Where Passion Won’t be Put Out

Chapter 229: Places Where Passion Won’t be Put Out

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Fu Ximing’s face was slapped until it was almost swollen.

The commentator <Cloud Tiger> was like Qin Mo. He was also from the military compound. After seeing all of this, he couldn’t contain his nature and laughed coldly into the mic, “I don’t think this needs any further explanation. You stole an account with money, and now that everything is exposed, it’s time for you to leave.”

When <Fu Family Team> heard this, not to mention their facial expressions, even their movements were frozen.

Among all the gaming contests, they became the only team that was expelled by the organizer. Furthermore, the expulsion was on such a big-scale live broadcast. All the teams must be watching, meaning they had lost their faces on the national scale!

Later on, even if they went to other cities to compete and didn’t stay in Jiang City, they would still be dragging their lifelong shame along with them.

The audience on site didn’t want to be nice to them.

You could always receive your due respect even if you lost a game.

But Fu Ximing ignored the rules. He thought he was powerful; he stole accounts, misled the media, and faked his identity!

People loved online gaming so much because they could get the justice that they couldn’t find in real life in <Hero>.

Before, in the world of online gaming, as long as your techniques were strong enough, you would stand out despite your background.

But in recent years, people who only depended on their good looks were hired by others to compete for them in order to be famous, while some were just rich. They all showed up in the online gaming circle on different levels.

This really made some people start to feel disappointed.

Fu Ximing’s outrageous actions completely touched upon that bottom line.

So many real Spade Z fans sitting in front of their computers were angry for Fu Jiu. They were worried that the young man wouldn’t be able to prove himself.

But, the result was, not only did the young man prove himself…

But he proved something else even more, which was that, as long as you’re capable, rumors couldn’t hurt you!

They were not sure when it started, but as soon as they saw the game ID <Spade Z>, they believed that in this world, there were still places where passion could not possibly be extinguished!

That battle team consisted of champions. There was no need for anyone else’s approval.

<He Family Corps> occupied the ten screens on site in different sizes. They were showing the cut of Fu Jiu’s beautiful face and the slow playback of her unique strike.

No matter how many times you looked at it, he was still overly handsome!

In the audience, He Honghua’s chubby face was already covered with tears. She covered her own mouth, fearing that she might cry out.

She never told anyone about how hard her days had been in her life.

Sometimes when she was tired, she also thought that maybe she should divorce Fu Zhongyi.

In this world, a multitude of people would respect you if you are rich enough, educated enough, or powerful enough.

They wouldn’t care about what you had done.

When she and that Three showed up in the same place, she was a bumpkin country woman who deserved to lose her man to a mistress, while that Three was like a goddess who was worshipped by all.

She had neither the good looks nor the body shape of that Three.

He Honghua wasn’t into money, but she needed money. Otherwise, what would her Jiu do?

As soon as she filed divorce, she would not get half of the company’s stocks. What would her Jiu do later on?

She couldn’t swallow that.

She needed to get it back!

Her employees and players were scouted away. They all turned their backs on her. Public opinion was against her. Everyone had to step on her while she was down and make her company go bankrupt.

More than once, she had really wanted to give up.

When all the lights were already dark, she was still running around in different cities using the high-speed train to get money. At that time, she wanted to cry so badly.

Even when the <He Family Corps> entered the competition, she only wished that her Jiu would be happy.

But, winning!

They won!!!