Chapter 23 - Fu Jiu Flirts With Qin Mo

Chapter 23: Fu Jiu Flirts With Qin Mo

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Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, supported himself with one arm on the table, and looked down at the computer screen. His eyes were dark.

The moment he was about to do something, a message popped up in the friend chat window!

Spade Z: “Almighty Qin, you spent so much energy looking for me, do you have a secret crush on me?”

After seeing those words, the temperature around Qin Mo dropped to the freezing point!

COCO and Fatty, who were beside him, both had their mouths agape.

How… how dare he talk like that!

Flirting with Captain?

He’s really courting death!

But they were dying to see what was going to happen next?!

COCO tightly bit on the rabbit’s ear in excitement!

Qin Mo’s voice chilled and each of his words felt like a stab to the bone. “All of you, turn your heads around.”


This time, Fatty reacted the fastest and he turned around instantly. He was so afraid that CEO Qin would find out he was peeking at the screen!

That… Spade Z… too amazing!

Not his hacker skills, rather, he was… flirting with CEO Qin like that!

Even though they knew that it was not the time to mess around with CEO Qin, they were dying to see what Spade Z would say next!

Fu Jiu was still typing with the lollipop in her mouth. A smile was plastered all over her face, and her long beautiful fingers were cruising on the keyboard, typing out with clicking sounds, “I’m not a fan of this kind of courtship, but if you insist, try seducing me yourself, maybe I will say yes on impulse, who knows!”

Looking at those words, Qin Mo’s hands tightened before relaxing. Finally, he pulled the keyboard over and firmly typed one word at a time. His eyes were so cold that they could freeze someone to death. “No matter who you are, you’d better start praying now. Don’t let me find you.”

Fu Jiu looked at the dialog box and didn’t respond. She curled her lips lazily, stretched her back, and logged out. She was in a good mood.

On Qin Mo’s end, the temperature in the room was never going to rise again.

On the top of the most luxurious building in all of Jiang City, the swimming pool on the rooftop was still faintly shimmering.

Everyone on the team didn’t dare look at their CEO’s handsome face.

COCO and Fatty could not resist even with the threat of death; they sneaked a peek at the line of words left on the screen, and of course, they were once again astonished by it!


Asking CEO to seduce… with his body?!


COCO lost his grasp on the rabbit and dropped it!

Fatty rubbed his face hard. After all, the conversation was too spicy for his eyes!

COCO and Fatty looked at each other.

They were thinking that if the day CEO (Captain) seduced someone on his own initiative came, they would raise both their hands in support to watch that scene!

Qin Mo’s expression turned colder. Suddenly, he looked over, his icy voice sounding, “You two look kind of happy?”

“No, no! No way!” COCO and Fatty denied at once, “This Spade Z is disgusting, we need to flush him out!” Just to see more amazing things happen, they had to find him!

Qin Mo smiled, but there was no warmth in his eyes. “The two of you would be more convincing if you could get rid of those smiles on your faces while saying that.” Then he said to his secretary standing behind him, “Pass down my orders: COCO and Fatty are banned from having any meat for a month!”

“Yes, CEO.” The secretary was professional and quickly noted down everything.

COCO and Fatty looked at each other again.

“CEO Qin!”


“You can’t do this to us!”

The two of them slumped against the wall as they watched his back vanish into the distant corridor. They were simply too sad for tears!

How could they live a life without meat!!!

On this day, even while lying in bed, there was still a cold blurry light left in the mighty CEO Qin’s eyes…