Chapter 230 - The Opponents Later, Are the Top Masters

Chapter 230: The Opponents Later, Are the Top Masters

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He Honghua didn’t know how to describe her feelings right now. She looked at that tall figure on the field as her eyes welled up and turned red with tears.

The biggest happiness in every mother’s heart was when their kids were recognized and appreciated.

The background music of <Hero> played out loud.

All the members of <He Family Corps> stood up with bright eyes.

Sometimes, being handsome is not just about having good looks. It’s also about a kind of strong presence and charisma that’s exuded from within.

Four people of different heights wore the same uniforms and stood next to one another. They were led by a young man, and behind them were rows of blinking computer screens.

All the cameras turned in the same direction—Fu Jiu, the captain of <He Family Corps>!

Just as some people expected, this young man was going to be a hit!

The online gaming selection contest held by Qin Corporation was being broadcast nationally.

Before it ended, the reporters had already begun asking questions at the all-star press conference.

One reporter brought up the question to the winning team that beat the <Supreme Alliance> last year—<Xiang Nan Team>!

“Great Xiao, I’m not sure about whether or not you are following the selection contest held by Qin Corporation?”

This person called Great Xiao sat there very steadily. “I’m here, so how can I follow them?”

Reporter: “…” There is no way to continue this conversation!

“I heard that there was a player called Spade Z who rocked the whole field as soon as he started playing.”

That man heard this and raised his eyebrows. “Is that right?”

“All the national internet platforms are streaming the live broadcast!” That reporter became very excited while talking about this, and he wanted to get some headline-worthy news out of it. After all, everyone knew that there was going to be a fierce battle soon between <Xiang Nan Team> and <Supreme Alliance> in the national contest. If he could get a scoop now, it was guaranteed to make a huge buzz!

That man glanced at the reporter, and… made an “oh” sound.

Just that?!

Tell us how you feel right now at least!

That man’s manager standing next to him couldn’t bear it anymore, so he smiled like a Buddha, “Xiao Jing, you can share your thoughts more with everyone.”

“Thoughts?” Xiao Jing thought about it and said, “It would be nice if I could watch this kind of contest on TV. I don’t like going online.”

Reporter: “…” A gaming big god doesn’t like going online??!!

“I heard that Almighty Qin really likes this Spade Z!”

The reporter realized that Xiao Jing was about to leave, so he had to drop this bomb!

As he expected, that man walked back., With a serious face, he said, “You tell me, how did Qin Mo meet this new player? I want details.”

Reporter: “…” Great Xiao, this is a press conference, not a family room! Why do you care about Almighty Qin so much? Do you have a crush on him?!

The rest of the team’s players watched the broadcast. Some were from the top four teams nationally.

“This Spade Z is pretty cool.”

“Why don’t you say that his opponent is too weak. This kind of amateur must have attacking flaws, they just haven’t been noticed by people yet!”

“When I meet him in the national contest, I will show him what a real online gaming contest is!”

No matter how noisy the outside world was, that golden trophy, the symbol of first place, was already in Fu Jiu’s hands.

Professional and non-professional players alike were all watching this contest, along with the rest of the fans of <Hero>.

Fu Jiu took the trophy. She tilted her head and looked at it. Her silver hair dropped in front of her eyes, and she looked handsome and glorious. Then, she suddenly laughed out loud. With one hand in her pocket, she started walking 700 meters up to her left…