Chapter 232 - Was the Great Spade Chasing Almighty Qin

Chapter 232: Was the Great Spade Chasing Almighty Qin

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That look seemed to show the intent to strangle someone, but it also happened to be full of indulgence and a bit of tenderness, which was all recorded by the camera.

Besides the live audience, there were still fans of Qin that were watching via live streams.

They were completely attracted by this look.

When had Almighty Qin ever smiled like that!

He was so charming!

The network hadn’t been paralyzed anytime in the past, but now it suddenly went straight to its maximum capacity.

As Qin Mo hooked his thin lips up and raised his hands to draw the youngster closer to him by seizing his collar… The screen blurred!

In an instant, the comment section exploded!

“What happened?”

“It seems that the platform crashed?”

“F*ck, where are the technicians? Where are the technicians for the platform? I want to see follow-ups! What was Almighty Qin doing just now! What was he doing!”

What did Qin Mo do?

Only those on site knew.

He dragged the youngster in using one hand. With an indifferent but seductive smile, he said to the man, “I’ll fix you later.”

Fu Jiu felt like she was innocent. Why did she need fixing?

This kind of conversation was really… really… adorable!

There were many fujoshis on site. Those who especially liked to play games preferred to make ships for their big gods.


They had never thought to make a ship for Almighty Qin!

After all, a man like Almighty Qin was just like the flower on kaolin 1 . It could not be played with, just watched from afar.

Most importantly, it could be seen from one glance that Almighty Qin was clearly straight!

That kind of perfectly straight!

No one dared to ship him for fear of being banished into the cold palace.

Even the e-sport reports only dared to mention which team a female player that Almighty Qin met belonged to instead of directly reporting their contact with each other, let alone shipping him with a male!

But now, seeing the youngster who was standing in front of him not only be taught a lesson by Almighty Qin, but also have his hair fixed by him, all thefujoshis’ pink hearts sprouted out!

What a good match they were!

They were really a good match!

As the excited audience members were taking out their mobile phones to take photos of the two of them then and there, the platform was constantly being filled with comments!

“Rolling on the ground and acting cute! Please give the follow-ups quickly, ahhhh!”

How were they going to give the follow-ups?

The technicians were about to cry.

The media staff were very joyful as they exerted all their strength to take photos from different angles in a variety of poses. The photo could be printed as a layout and for private circulation!

“Am I the only one who noticed that our Great Spade called Almighty Qin Brother Mo?”

“Oh? Does that also mean that they have met before?”

“It’s possible!”

“So Almighty Qin went down just now because he couldn’t tolerate my Big Spade being bullied!”

“No, you can’t think of it that way. Almighty Qin is straight, he is still straight!”

The girl fans almost went crazy. They also wondered why they were more excited to see the interaction between the two equally handsome men than they were about their own love affairs.

What happened?

He Honghua was also confused about the situation. She asked in amazement, “Xiaodong, when did Jiu know Boss Qin?”

Chen Xiaodong was startled, and he replied, “Madam, don’t worry. Young Master is absolutely straight. He has no interest in Young Master Qin, and he isn’t playing games to chase him. Young Master’s behavior before doesn’t mean that he has affection for Young Master Qin. These are all just normal interactions, yes, just normal interactions!”

He Honghua was bewildered and didn’t get the point.

But the female fans standing close by suddenly all realized, “It turns out that our Big Spade is going after Young Master Qin!”

Cheng Xiaodong: “…” OMG, you can’t twist what I said this way!