Chapter 233 - Fu Jiu Covers for Others’ Mistakes

Chapter 233: Fu Jiu Covers for Others’ Mistakes

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Even if Chen Xiaodong didn’t say that, the atmosphere between Qin Mo and Fu Jiu was so intimate.

It was rare to see Qin Mo treat others this way.

It was also difficult to know what the youngster said to him while faintly smiling.

Qin Mo extended his hand and zipped the youngster’s team uniform all the way up, as if he were taking care of a little brother.

Fu Jiu just lowered her head and looked at Almighty Qin. With a lollipop in her mouth, her clean side profile was so handsome that it made people want to scream.

It was a pleasure to see these two equally outstanding persons standing together. Besides, their actions alone were so… intimate!

Most of the female fans already had an answer in their minds. They believed that, from today onwards, they would have one more CP to fangirl about. That would really be supreme bliss!

But those who played real games knew that this was simply the mutual admiration between two masters.

It was impossible for others to predict the youngster’s future.

Although Supreme Alliance was the king in Jiang City, they hadn’t gotten the national championship for three years straight.

Although Almighty Qin was considered the MVP in the gaming competition, he was alone.

It was team cooperation that mattered in the end in the national competition.

Besides, unlike the teams from today, the level of the national professional team was high enough that they could not simply be defeated by only one person.

But nobody could deny how strong the Supreme Alliance was with the combined forces of Almighty Qin and Spades Z.

Everything about the future was uncertain.

When Fu Jiu led her He Family Corps to where the Supreme Alliance were standing, apart from Xue Yaoyao, Feng Shang was the most excited. He looked at Feng Yi who was coming in his direction with red eyes. He received the honors from his older brother with a straight back.

Feng Yi had too many words to say to his little brother, but in the end, the manager that could make any e-sports player popular just passed by him as he moved over to the next member.

Because Feng Yi knew very clearly that this kind of honor should be awarded to Feng Shang’s hand neatly and cleanly.

Even if one day it was mentioned in the gaming circles, nobody would say that, “Look, it is all because of his old brother. Actually, he was just a stutterer.”

The boy who had chased after his trousers when he was young had already grown up.

At this moment, Feng Yi believed that even without his blessings and protection, his little brother would eventually stick out from the crowd.

The final statement, of course, was given by Fu Jiu.

Resplendently, the youngster held the golden trophy in his hand and turned his face to take a glance at the other three people. Facing the camera, he laughed suddenly, “I want to dedicate this trophy to my mother. She contributed so much love to me. Ridiculed because of her poor background, she spent her time flitting among many major cities to chat with sponsors. She finally saved the company’s qualifications and formed the battle team so that we could come here. That’s why I’m rewarding this trophy to my mother. Do you all agree?”


The three people’s voices were pretty loud, and their eyes were looking at He Honghua.

He Honghua covered her mouth as she cried tears of joy.

Fu Jiu deepened her eyes as her silver hair dropped partially over her face. “Finally… We didn’t use to be highly looked upon. Even when we were trying our best, we were questioned. By getting this trophy, we want to tell everyone that our team members have never given up.”

All of a sudden!

The applause sounded like thunder!

After looking at one another, Yin Wuyao, Xue Yaoyao, and Feng Shang walked together and lifted Fu Jiu up with their combined strength.

If there did exist a king in this world, then we would be your loyal ministers, swinging the sword and spear without forgetting your original intentions.