Chapter 234 - The Fiery Heart

Chapter 234: The Fiery Heart

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The new team of the Supreme Alliance had been formed, with a total of eleven people.

Qin Mo stood in the centermost position. The team members lined up, each person dressed in the team uniform, looking indescribably handsome.

The aura that surged out swept and ignited people’s hearts like Slam Dunk,which was popular with the animation industry back in the day.

These images were broadcasted at the same time through the various major network platforms.

How many fangirls and fanboys couldn’t help playing one more game of Hero after seeing this!

At this moment, just inside the foyer where a business wine party was being held, Fu Zhongyi’s arm was held by a well-maintained woman wearing a woolen coat worth tens of thousands of dollars. Her makeup was pretty and delicate. Her other hand was holding a goblet full of red wine, and she proudly clinked glasses with the investors.” Boss Li, you really have a good eye to choose our Fu Family Team.”

No man didn’t like being praised by beauties, especially Boss Li. He followed up with a laugh as he moved his hands.” When it comes to eyes, Boss Su’s better. You’ve poached so many players worthy of being trained. After the new qualification competition, Fu family’s reputation will be spread around. Our good days are coming up. Boss Fu, having such a good wife really makes others envious.”

Hearing that, Fu Zhongyi glanced at Su Mei, who was standing beside him. His gloating expression was filled with arrogance.

Boss Li was never stingy with his compliments for his partners, “And your son is really good at playing games. To be honest, for quite some time, I really did believe He Honghua and thought that the so-called Spade Z was in her team. That was really… a funny thing.”

“Who says not?” Su Mei pretended to regretfully heave a long sigh, “But it is hard to say what things are like for Sister Honghua. Sometimes, I don’t want to embarrass everyone either. Zhongyi understands that she deliberately makes things difficult for me….”

Fu Zhongyi sneered. “That vixen, what do you have to do with her? ”

“Actually I don’t care about my own status,” Su Mei looked at Fu Zhongyi, and she continued with a weaker voice and reddening eyes, “Ximing is so excellent, but he grew up with people pointing at his nose while receiving criticism just because he was born seven months later than Fu Jiu. I really can’t bear…”

After hearing her words, Fu Zhongyi’s heart became soft, and he held his young and beautiful wife in his arms while slightly patting her comfortingly. “After this selection contest, I dare to say that He Honghua can’t do anything to delay the divorce! And you can also rest assured about all the other things. My Fu family only recognizes one son—our son Ximing. The other, ah, we don’t need that waste.”

Boss Li had no interest in listening to family affairs. He was a businessman. What he cared about most were the benefits and profits of being a merchant.

“But today is a good day, so stop mentioning those unhappy things already. It’s about time for the Qin family to finish the competition,” Boss Li said and smiled again. “Boss Fu, should we go downstairs now? I suspect that quite a few friends from the media are waiting for us, especially some advertisers. After watching the new selection contest, they will be coming continuously.”

“What Boss Li said is right.” Su Mei was the kind of person who understood the business circle. While the situation was favorable, she said coquettishly, “My dear, hurry up and put on a smile. Think about Ximing. He will win glory for us, and later we will be interviewed.”

Fu Zhongyi was coaxed happily, and he waved his big hands around proudly. “We’re not mentioning that mother and son anymore. Go, go downstairs.”