Chapter 235 - Being Hit on the Face

Chapter 235: Being Hit on the Face

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Right in the center of the wine party, the entire floor was covered in red carpet, which symbolized the honor of the event.

There were indeed quite a few people, who were all business celebrities in Jiang City, attending.

In the luxurious hall, everyone was holding a glass of wine and chatting with others about something with amazed faces, and the words “selection contest” could be heard being repeated around the room.

Su Mei stepped down the spiral staircase while holding onto Fu Zhongyi’s arm. As soon as she saw this scene, she hooked the corners of her thin lips up into a smile.

It was just as she had expected.

As long as they owned the identity of Spade Z, her son would be a hot topic.

With this kind of affirmation, Su Mei came down from the staircase rather confidently.

The waiter, who wore a suit, was still busily passing through the crowd.

When people saw Fu Zhongyi and Su Mei coming down, they abruptly stopped their conversations.

They were all people who had been in the business world for a long time, so naturally, they would not show emotions through their expressions. They just casually changed the topic of their conversation to something else. But their eyes couldn’t help but peer in Fu Zhongyi’s direction.

All gazes were gathered on her, so Su Mei improved her posture and leaned to one side to let the waitress give her wine. Only after that did she integrate herself into the crowd.

Boss Li smiled happily as well, thinking that within a minute, there must be someone coming up to chat with them.

The three looked at one another quite confidently.

Su Mei also pretended to sip a mouthful of the wine while smiling widely.

Who knew.

One minute passed by.

Two minutes passed by.

Then three minutes passed by…

Still, no one came over!

But there were reporters taking photos of them.

However, it was strange to take photos that way instead of having a formal shoot… It was kind of difficult to describe. Generally, at this moment, if someone came over to have an interview, they would not refuse.

Why did they need to hide?

Boss Li wrinkled his eyebrows and felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

Things weren’t making any new progress, making Su Mei feel somewhat worried. After all, the purpose of taking part in this drinking party was to connect with more advertisers. If things continued to go on in this tepid way, it would be awful.

Seeing that the others were not moving, Su Mei took action first. She came up to the side of an investor who was recently focused on e-sports projects. “Boss Liu, long time no see.”

Boss Liu just glanced at her without saying anything.

Su Mei continued to smile, “I don’t know if you saw the recent competition. Did you watch it?”

“Nope,” Boss Liu said in a rather artistic way. “But after seeing the pictures in the Moments, I plan to take a good look at the replay at home. I heard that there is a player called Spade Z who is really excellent.”

As soon as Fu Zhongyi and Su Mei heard Spade Z, they laughed a bit more wildly.

Fu Zhongyi enunciated word by word, “In no way does my son have the ability to satisfy Boss Liu. Being able to enter Boss Liu’s eyes is his good fortune.

Boss Liu had drank a mouthful of wine without saying anything. It seemed that he gave tacit consent to his modest remarks.

But the people who were listening in to the conversation from nearby all kept silent.

At this moment, the reporters all lifted their cameras up as if they wanted to catch a gimmick.

This was exactly what Su Mei wanted. She shook her head and smiled. “Ximing doesn’t usually spend too much time playing games. As a mother, I thought he just played in a team all the time. I had no idea that he secretly registered an account on Hero. To be honest, in the beginning, I didn’t know that he was Spade Z. When I heard the record of this new king at that time, I even wanted to poach him and focus on training him. But who could have thought that after a round, he was actually my son. It was so… I don’t know how to describe it.”