Chapter 236 - A Slap in the face of oneself

Chapter 236: A Slap in the face of oneself

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Su Mei appeared like she was at a loss as to whether to laugh or cry after finishing her sentence. It was great acting.

However, Boss Liu raised his eyebrow and said, ” Who told you that Spade Z is your son Fu Ximing?”

“What?” Su Mei was stunned by this rhetorical question, and she stood there looking flustered.

Moreover, her expression was also reflected in the camera lens.

Fu Zhongyi and the Boss Li were also confused. If Spade Z wasn’t Ximing, who else could he be?

“Boss Fu, as an outsider, I’m not obliged to say anything, but a man should shoulder his own responsibility. Nowadays, it is common for people to have affairs outside, but it is rare to see a man let his second son reign over his eldest son.” Boss Liu said in a low voice while holding a glass of wine in his hand.

What surprised people was that Boss Liu was arguably a good manager with a sense of propriety. He was absolutely not someone to say such things at such an occasion. Was he drunk?

Boss Li was the person who was linked to all parties involved, so he opened his mouth, hoping to speak for Fu Zhongyi. “Boss Liu, you may not know that the elder son of Boss Fu is really not presentable. He is totally inadequate, but he still always makes a show of himself, and it is said that he… he even likes men. Isn’t that abnormal? Boss Fu will not be able to tolerate such a son no matter how broad-minded he is..”

“Not presentable?” Boss Liu countered with a light smile instead of replying to his question.

At this point, the intelligent Su Mei came to realize what was wrong, but when she was about to say something, it was already too late. At this stage, Boss Li had already blurted out, “Yes.”

“The good-for-nothing man Fu Jiu, who isn’t presentable according to you, is precisely Spade Z.” Boss Liu put away the wine glass and said, “Boss Fu, your two sons are indeed different. While the elder one has skillful techniques, the younger one only knows some basic hacking. Fortunately, the former’s actual strength is above all others in e-sports competitions. It’s not some trick that a mistress is using to rise up. Boss Su, your guys are really addicted to passing off as others. Your son passed off as someone else on the game and you acted pretentiously here at the wine party. It’s no wonder that Boss Fu has taken a fancy to you, you two are really perfect matches.”

Not only Su Mei, but Fu Zhongyi’s face turned stiff as well. Their cheeks flashed both chalk-white and red. Only they themselves knew exactly what they were feeling at this moment.

People around them could not help but laugh after hearing what Boss Liu had to say.

As for what they were laughing at, everybody knew.

Su Mei had never been so humiliated in her entire life.

She had graduated from a well-known university and she was a host trained in broadcasting. She knew how to control public opinion well.

Therefore, even if she had snatched her man from He Honghua before, no one had criticized her.

But today… she had slapped herself in the face!

As for Fu Zhongyi, his brain went blank.

In fact, he had reacted in such a manner because he had no idea that Fu Ximing had pretended to be Spade Z.

Besides, what did Boss Liu say?

It was his… elder son who was Spade Z?

Meanwhile, the investor who had come in short notice to help resolve the situation was even more dumbstruck.

Spade Z was… was the son of He Honghua?!

“How is that possible!” Boss Li asked anxiously, “Boss Liu, could you be wrong?”

Boss Liu glanced at him lightly and said, “Check the Qin family’s homepage for yourself.”