Chapter 237 - Is Your Face Stinging?

Chapter 237: Is Your Face Stinging?

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After hearing those words, Boss Li took out his cell phone.

Fu Zhongyi got closer from the side to look too.

The whole internet was filled with news about Fu Jiu.

The young man had one hand in his pocket. While she was standing among the people from Supreme Alliance, she wasn’t overshadowed by their strong presence at all. On the contrary, the way she had that lollipop in her mouth created a rather unique scene.

“Most valuable king of popularity.”

“The most handsome face’s sharp FC weapon.”

“Spade Z!”

These were all nicknames that Qin Corporation gave Fu Jiu for publicity.

Each title was like a slap that viciously hit Fu Zhongyi’s face.

On the internet, there were not only stories about Fu Jiu becoming the champion, but also accompanying pictures of the Fu Family Team getting kicked out.

There was also the headline in black bold font—”We don’t need fakers in online gaming contests!”

Su Mei also saw that photo, and the moment when her son tried to cover his face with his hand made her grind her teeth in rage!

How did this happen?

How did things become like this?!

She spent tons of money to hire that hacker to steal Spade Z’s ID!

It should belong to Ximing now!

And how could that trashy son of that ruthless countryside auntie be Spade Z!!!

There were so many questions that made Su Mei so frustrated until she simply wanted to throw her phone away.

Luckily, she still retained her senses. She knew that in this kind of situation, she couldn’t afford to embarrass herself.

Only, when she looked up, she realized that everyone was looking at her, and some people were even taking photos of her.

Su Mei dragged Fu Zhongyi over and fled without thinking.

The way they stumbled out was extremely pathetic.

But by saying nothing, they could still save their last bits of face.

The media couldn’t wait anymore. “Boss Fu, don’t go. Tell us about your younger son impersonating your older son?!”

“Boss Su, you established the Fu Family Team. Your son impersonated Spade Z; did you know about it? But judging from your reaction, you should know about it?”

Su Mei ang Fu Zhongyi weren’t in the mood to speak anymore. They only wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

As they were rushing out, Su Mei’s face got scratched accidentally. She knitted her eyebrows together at the sting, but she still couldn’t say anything.

Boss Li was the only one left at the ball. He was still browsing through the news online.

The viewership of those small platforms that sponsored the He Family Corps surprisingly exceeded all the big ones at this moment.

And they had the exclusive right to broadcast interviews of Spade Z.

Boss Li was far beyond regretful. He had just missed the best opportunity to make big money.

Now, because Fu Ximing pretended to be Spade Z, all the publicity about him needed to be withdrawn instantly. The company was facing the impending danger of closing down for good!

Boss Li’s face was pale as he stared at his phone in a numb daze.

In his head, the scene of He Honghua begging him was playing repeatedly.

“Boss Li, I know businessmen care about profits the most, but we’ve known each other for a long time. Can you please not withdraw your money at this critical time out of mercy? I can’t fail. If I fail, my son’s life is over.”

And how did he respond?

“What does your son have to do with me? Boss He, here’s my advice to you. Since you came from the countryside, then go back there. You don’t fit in here at our place.”