Chapter 238 - Almighty Qin Covers Up Fu Jiu’s Shortcomings

Chapter 238: Almighty Qin Covers Up Fu Jiu’s Shortcomings

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Now, Boss Li’s reputation was about to be destroyed, but He Corporation had just become the apple of all advertisement companies’ eyes.

All business people knew that…

This time, He Corporation was going to take off no matter what.

The king of the new players in the gaming world—Spade Z!

Who on earth taught He Honghua this trick that enabled her to play a beautiful hand like this!

Boss Li’s hand held onto his phone even more tightly. He felt as if he had just smeared a basket full of paint on a painting he had just finished. How he wished he had never pulled his money out!

Boss Liu passed by him at this time, and all he said was, “Profits are just as important as being thankful in the world of business.”

This statement stunned Boss Li.

Boss Liu didn’t say anything else. He thought about the three of them, each facing different consequences, and walked to a quiet corner. He turned his phone screen on and returned some missed calls.

On the rooftop of the Qin Corporation, Qin Mo glanced at his buzzing phone, and his eyes met with the young man’s. He answered the phone calmly.

Boss Liu said directly with a delighted smile, “CEO Qin, I have done as you ordered. It worked well. Those three simply want to bury themselves somewhere. I didn’t need to do a lot; they lost all their face by their own doing.”

“Okay. Got it.” Qin Mo still sounded sullen. He had his phone in his left hand, which freed up his right hand. He placed it on the young man’s fluffy head and pushed on it gently, asking “him” to sit down.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. Almighty Qin was still receiving phone calls at this time. Exactly how busy was he?!

Boss Liu continued onwards, asking delicately, “CEO Qin, does this Su Mei have some kind of unpleasant past with you?”

“No.” Qin Mo threw his uniform aside and turned on one of the computers next to him.

Boss Liu smiled. “That’s what I thought.” Su Mei wouldn’t be so stupid as to mess with CEO Qin.

But if not, then why did CEO Qin call him during the contest to wait for Su Mei and talk to her during the ball?

With CEO Qin’s intelligence, he should’ve already guessed their reactions. Discussing those kinds of things was embarrassing in public. He wouldn’t believe that CEO Qin would ask him to wait for them for no reason.

“Since you guys are cool, then…” Boss Liu wanted to figure it out, so that he wouldn’t make the same mistake towards CEO Qin someday.

Qin Mo’s side profile looked beautiful. He took his arm back from the side of Fu Jiu’s body, and his deep eyes were exuding an icy glow. “I was covering for shortcomings.”

“Hah?” Boss Liu was confused. What did this have to do with covering for shortcomings?

So… As Boss Liu thought about it, he could only think of one possibility. That was—CEO Qin was taking revenge for someone else!

But what was the reason… CEO Qin really went all out this time!

Others wouldn’t understand Qin Mo’s “covering shortcomings,” but Secretary Liang did, and he was worried to death about it!

If his instincts were correct, CEO Qin’s phone call had everything to do with that young man.

CEO Qin, just admit it. Who did you punish this time for Young Master Jiu?

Qin Mo put his phone away nonchalantly and played with it. Then he looked at the young man who was sitting not far away from him.

Finally, he was keeping Fu Jiu next to his side.

Later on, “he” should be tamer…