Chapter 239 - This Is Just the Beginning

Chapter 239: This Is Just the Beginning

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The people from the <Supreme Alliance> were all godlike existences to normal people.

Things such as being able to join them and sit on top of Qin Corporation to operate game characters were huge surprises for anyone.

Among the four of them, Xue Yaoyao’s family background was the lowest.

There were still some things that she had never told His Highness Jiu.

Her family never agreed to let her play video games.

Families like Xue Yaoyao’s especially could never accept such a pioneering profession, especially since she was still a high school kid.

Playing games would affect studying. Each time she came out with His Highness Jiu, she would, in fact, face all sorts of malicious comments.

Most of these were from her relatives. Whether they were caring or mocking, that one sentence always came out: “With such bad family conditions, what’s the use of letting her go to college? Come out to work and bear some of the financial burdens already. Running around like she is right now, she’s going to use all our money up!”

Someone even said to her mother, “How can a girl play video games? Hooking up with random people online, this will hurt her reputation!”

Xue Yaoyao’s mother had a weak personality, but she cared about her child. “Yaoyao is not like that. She’s playing professionally.”

“Professionally?!” That person didn’t understand the industry at all. “You can play games professionally? While making money out of it? Wake up! That only exists in TV shows. Your Yaoyao doesn’t have the appearance, the techniques, or the body. Is there any player like her?”

Her mother thought that Yaoyao had never heard these kinds of words before.

But, every time she leaned on the door frame with her eyes welling up with tears, Xue Yaoyao always told herself, “I’m gonna make it! I’m gonna play well and win! I’m gonna be in the Supreme Alliance!”

And now, she was finally sitting here.

Xue Yaoyao held onto the mouse in her hand. She looked at the <Supreme Alliance> player next to her, and her hands were shaking from the excitement.

Fu Jiu was sitting next to her. She looked at her and took a bank card out of her pocket.

Then, she put it in front of Xue Yaoyao. She hooked her lips up into a smile.

Xue Yaoyao was stunned this action, and she looked blankly at the young man’s fair and pretty face. She opened her mouth to say, “Your Highness Jiu, this…”

“The award money from the selection gaming contest for first place. The password is 999999.” Fu Jiu took a gulp of her cola, and as she held the cola can casually, there was a gentle smile on her thin lips.

Xue Yaoyao paused. She then returned it back to her. “No, I can’t take it.” Your Highness Jiu won the prize, so Your Highness Jiu should have it.

“Yaoyao, what are you talking about?” Fu Jiu smiled naturally, “If not for your restoring HP to distract them for me, how could I terminate them all at once!” Fu Jiu sat back and said naughtily, “Plus, do you think I’m someone who needs that money so badly?”

But… Xue Yaoyao thought about how His Highness Jiu acted in school. She would buy things however she wanted to show off her wealth. She was indeed a wealthy nouveau riche…

“Or do you think that the little brother of Manager Feng needs money?” Fu Jiu asked and looked at the chatty Feng Shang sitting with his big brother Feng Yi.

Xue Yaoyao shook her head quickly! The Feng family was loaded, everyone in Jiang City knew that!

“I don’t need the money, either.” Yin Wuyao spoke up with a cigarette in his mouth, acting like a handsome gangster. His cigarette moved up and down with the movements of his mouth as he spoke, “Don’t underestimate the money a small internet cafe can make nowadays!”