Chapter 240 - Almighty Qin’s Hidden Jealousy

Chapter 240: Almighty Qin’s Hidden Jealousy

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“This is just the beginning, so there’s not much in there. When we are in the national tournament later, each player will get his own share, so take it.” Fu Jiu laughed lightly, and she looked at Xue Yaoyao with her eyes, as if saying, ” See? Only you can make the best use of this money. We rich kids don’t really need this prize money.”

Xue Yaoyao understood. His Highness Jiu was helping her accept the money in a suitable way.

She lowered her head and took the card. Her voice sounded a bit hoarse as she replied, “Thank you.”

“No-no-no need, it’s our-our-our pleasure!” Feng Shang moved over now and his eyes narrowed as he smiled. “We-we-we only have one girl in our team. You-you-you are the spoiled little sister here. We-we-we all got your back!”

All the people from <Supreme Alliance> agreed completely!

Especially the commentator who teamed up with <Cloud Tiger> today. He grabbed Xue Yaoyao’s arm. “Sis, Sis Yaoyao! You being here proves that our Supreme Alliance is not a monks’ team anymore! We have a girl too! And we are all straight guys! This will end all those rumors! It will definitely enhance my chances of finding a girlfriend!” As he was saying this, Lin Feng took out his own small mirror. “When I’m this handsome, it’s a shame for me to be single. Lin Feng’s spring love is about to arrive!”

<Cloud Tiger> laughed out loud and pressed his mirror down. He only told him four words: “Wake the f*ck up!”

Lin Feng became pissed off and pulled him over while rubbing against him all over, but these felt like tickles to <Cloud Tiger>.

Xue Yaoyao felt that they already looked like a happy couple, so why did they still need girlfriends?

But she definitely wouldn’t say this out loud.

Fu Jiu lifted her hand and rested it on the back of Xue Yaoyao’s chair. “Let’s make this clear, sisters and brothers. Don’t ever have dirty thoughts about Yaoyao.”

When the players heard this, they all teased, “Aiyaya, what do you mean? Claiming your territory now?”

“I brought her here, so I should protect her,” Fu Jiu said with a flirtatious smile. She didn’t notice that Qin Mo was looking at her from behind.

Those deep, dark eyes cooled down after hearing these words!

He was even holding his phone in a slightly different position from before. His fingertips paused, and his furrowed eyebrows were exuding a wintry chill.

Secretary Liang was standing to the side, and he shivered from a sudden icy feeling that came out of nowhere.

When he wanted to take a closer look at the CEO’s face, Qin Mo had already walked in the young man’s direction. “Tonight is our first gathering, what do you all want to eat? Tell Secretary Liang, he will book the place for us.”

<Supreme Alliance> had a tradition of celebrating the entry of new teammates each year.

“I want hot pot!”

“Again, be creative!”

“As long as there’s meat, I won’t be picky!”


“No matter how much meat I grill for you, it still won’t make you full, you pig!”

“Are you stupid? We are not on a beach, waiters can do that!”

“Oh, right, I forgot. Barbecue then! Barbecue and beers, a dozen of them at least!”

As they were talking, Lin Feng turned towards Fu Jiu. “Little Spade, do you drink?”

“Hell yeah.” Fu Jiu licked her lips. “A dozen is not a problem!”

Lin Feng’s eyes brightened up, and he extended one hand towards Fu Jiu’s shoulder as he shook hands with Fu Jiu with the other one. “My pal! Simply my pal! You look like a pub goer for sure!”