Chapter 241 - Celebrate a Little In-Game

Chapter 241: Celebrate a Little In-Game

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“Hmm, not really.” Fu Jiu was acting modest about it.

Secretary Liang thought about how a certain someone used to go to nightclubs every day and had a record of being kicked out from a nightclub for being too much of a country bumpkin. He silently muttered, Young Master Jiu, your “glorious” past is really not that easy to sum up with a mere “not really”…

Lin Feng was having fun with this and was ready for a good chat with Fu Jiu. Who knew that before he could even open up more, someone had grabbed onto the wrist of his arm around Fu Jiu.

“Ca-captain?” Lin Feng was afraid of no one but Qin Mo. Their captain’s methods were too scary for anyone to even think about. The key point was that he didn’t even know why his captain looked so cold in his eyes right now.

“I believe you still haven’t finished the hand speed exercise I assigned to you today,” Qin Mo’s deep voice was rather emotionless.

Lin Feng froze up. “No, Captain. We still need to do this today?”

“Not for the others.” Qin Mo glanced at Lin Feng’s hand, which was holding the young man’s hand. The corner of his mouth curled up a little as he said coldly, “Only you.”

Lin Feng: “…”

He wanted to ask why sooo badly!

But Captain didn’t like being questioned!

Those who questioned him would die in all sorts of nasty ways.

Like COCO and Fatty. They were still on a tour for the whole team up to this day… So one would rather mess with evil-minded people than mess with the captain himself…

Lin Feng tilted his head with tears in his eyes, and he started to practice his hand speed while feeling deep sorrow!

Looking at his current predicament, they all laughed.

<Supreme Alliance> always had an amiable atmosphere, and teammates got along well with one another.

Since they’d decided on what to eat, Secretary Liang would reserve the seats. It was thirty minutes away from where they currently were. Qin Mo dragged the young man over by his collar and made him sit next to him. The side of his face was extremely regal and pretty.

Fu Jiu was still confused, but this didn’t affect her naturally flirty eyes. She looked up at Qin Mo and flashed him an unintentionally seductive smile.

Qin Mo didn’t even bother to educate the young man about this problem anymore. He pulled the black leather chair away and turned on the computer screen with his body slightly turned. At the same time, his voice was very low and attractive. “You all get online. We are celebrating this online first!”

The celebration Almighty Qin was talking about was not any normal celebration.

After they had heard this, all the <Supreme Alliance> players’ eyes brightened up.


All of them pulled their chairs out and sat on their designated seats.

All of them were in their pure black uniforms.

At that moment, “handsome” was the only word Xue Yaoyao could think of.


They all hit the enter key at the same time.

All with professional and shocking speeds.

They were all using Alien laptops connected to a big screen. The red keyboards gave off their own light while they were being used.

In the span of a single second, Zone C of < Hero> exploded!

“WTFFF! What am I seeing now!”

“Cloud Tiger?”

“Lin Feng?”

“And…GOD QIN!”

“What’s happening with the Supreme Alliance? They are almost all online?! All online?! This kind of amazing thing has never happened!”

“They are all online for real, and… my great SPADE Z!!!”

“Great Spade Z’s title changed!”

Indeed, there was one more golden light glowing on his ID and battle uniform!


Qin Mo adjusted his mic with one hand and only said that one word into it.

Eleven game characters carried their own weapons. They stood there as if the immortal fighters themselves had come down from the heavens…