Chapter 242 - Shocking the Whole Server

Chapter 242: Shocking the Whole Server

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Before, Xue Yaoyao was still just an audience member watching the professional league in front of her computer. She never expected that one day she would be able to become one of the league players.

Even now, the blood in her veins boiled whenever she peeked at the rest of her teammates sitting in a row in front of all the screens.

There were countless people who were watching them right now.

Qin Mo tilted his head. His long fingers tapped on the keyboard, and one sentence appeared to the rest of the world: “Celebrating the new birth of the Supreme Alliance.”

This sentence was just like his person.

Grounded and domineering, shocking the entire server.

The rest of the players followed up right after.

The whole Zone C was swept by <Supreme Alliance> in those short five minutes.

If people could make noise in games, they would be hearing all the fangirls and fanboys screaming their names out like crazy!


“So many big gods!”

“Am I dreaming? Please don’t wake me up!”

“I need to take photos with them!”

“I don’t need photos. I just want to brush the screen for my Great Spade!”

“The new birth of the Supreme Alliance!”

This was just said by a fan.

If one said that, more would follow…

So there was one more, and another… Then, countless “The new birth of the Supreme Alliance!” messages showed up on the screen.

Some teams really wanted to throw their mice away!

How can I play any more games like this!

They were all league players, but how could they receive such different treatment!

When they logged in, it was so quiet, alright!

Not only was <Hero> exploding, many operator companies were asking, “What is going on? All the members are online! Qin Corporation Club didn’t give out news on that!”

“Director, I don’t care if they sent out the info or not. I just want to count how many people are surfing the online world today!”

The director heard this and became extremely happy. “So many!”

“And, Director, Boss Feng called just now. He told us that we would get 30% of the browsing profits and that they would get 70%. Otherwise, he would ask Almighty Qin to log out.”

The director took a deep breath and dragged that assistant over harshly. “Tell him… F*ck him. And yes, I agree to that! Such an old fox!”

Feng Yi was indeed an old fox. As a top manager, he needed to do this much in order to live up to his title, alright?

Almighty Qin’s people were not easy to be led, and they often created troubles for him.

All the players were online. What did this mean? Infinite spokesperson fees rolling in!

But people liked <Supreme Alliance> because of who they were.

They were careless and passionate, not becoming restrained by details.

They sometimes didn’t even care if they got money from what they did. They just went on camera as long as they wanted to.

Like today, all members were online only to celebrate with every single one of those who loved <Hero>!

The game was browsed thoroughly, and everyone on the server was watching.

All other players witnessed what true popularity was like.

Some said that this was the real charm of <Supreme Alliance>.

Being led by that man, they conquered everyone and everything, and they still held on tightly to their original beliefs.

Fu Jiu never had this much fun before. When she was a hacker, she only had a contact who helped her with issues after her jobs and created fake identities for her. She had never connected with so many people online before.

And she had never known that pursuing the same dream and upholding the same beliefs with the same group of people could be this exciting and uplifting.

Fu Jiu glanced to the side, looking at the man who was operating in his game. So that was it… Having such a big-god captain, she felt lucky and spoiled.