Chapter 243 - Almighty Qin Was Jealous

Chapter 243: Almighty Qin Was Jealous

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<Supreme Alliance> being online was very impactful.

The most significant proof was how busy Yin Wuyao’s internet cafe was!

It truly and genuinely took off.

Before the contest was broadcast, many players were watching. As soon as Yin Wuyao entered, all of them spit the cola in their mouths back out. They instantly became thrilled, and they dragged their own pals over to go to that internet cafe!

Those loyal customers of the internet cafe didn’t expect that the owner, whom they joked about a lot, was <North of Yin Mountain>, their previous idol!

Therefore, a group of internet cafe customers flooded in crazily.

They shouted to the cashier, “Where is Uncle Yin?”


That guy was only a college kid, a really studious one at that, so he wasn’t interested in online gaming at all. Plus, he was just a part-timer. He only loved online novels, and he was never into video games, so of course he had no idea what was going on. He asked in profound confusion, “Boss is not back yet. Why are you looking for him? Computer repairs? I can do that!”

Fix your b*tt! They wanted autographs, ahhhh! Why didn’t they notice those small adjustments during games? Why didn’t they recognize that big uncle was their Great North!

They felt both regretful and excited at the same time.

Feng Yi kept checking the time on his watch. The team players shouldn’t be online for longer than ten minutes. If they kept going, other teams would complain for sure, not to mention the fact that the national tournament was coming up. This kind of grandeur should be left for the first round of the competition.

Of course, Qin Mo had always been someone who hated noise, even more than Feng Yi did. After about five minutes into it, he turned to the side and made a hand gesture towards his players.

Everyone log out.

<Supreme Alliance> was like a tornado without shape. Their appearance shocked everyone, and their disappearance left behind no telltale signs.

“This feels so freaking awesome!” Lin Feng said.

Feng Shang nodded rather agreeably. He was slightly blushing!

Secretary Liang, who had reserved their place for dinner, walked over and laughed at these young players, “Everything is ready. We can head out now.”

“Yay! Barbecue! I love it the most!”

Lin Feng pulled <Cloud Tiger> over by his neck as he was talking.

<Cloud Tiger> obviously had enough of him. He didn’t even react to him, and he let him do whatever he wanted with him like a big octopus.

Fu Jiu was hungry from playing games for so long, not to mention they were having her favorite barbecue tonight. She put one hand in her pocket and pulled Xue Yaoyao over, a delicate smile appearing on her face.

Qin Mo moved his fingers and took off the headphones over his head. When he looked over, he saw this scene.

He smiled at first, but the depths of his eyes were freezing.

Right after that, he touched his thin lips with his fingertips. His voice was slow and attractive, “Dinner is on Lord Jiu tonight, so eat up!”

Fu Jiu paused all of a sudden: “…”

When did she say that she would buy everyone dinner?

Why was this all so familiar!

Not only Fu Jiu, all the other <Supreme Alliance> players were shocked! On Spade Z? Why?

Fu Jiu wanted to figure this out, so she lifted her eyebrows with great courage. “Brother Mo, we are new here. Do you think it’s proper for a new player to pay for our first dinner together?”

“Your big brother is giving you an opportunity to know everyone better.” As he was saying this, Qin Mo stood up. He sounded indifferent as he reasoned, “Plus, you look like you have plenty to spend.”