Chapter 244 - Almighty Qin Hates Gays

Chapter 244: Almighty Qin Hates Gays

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Fu Jiu: “…” Why does this sound so familiar?

Xue Yaoyao was stunned too. She quietly recalled what His Highness Jiu had said to her.

Miraculously, she understood the reason why Almighty Qin asked His Highness Jiu to pay… She lowered her head and looked at His Highness Jiu’s hand on hers. She was not sure why, but she felt an icy chill coming from behind!

Luckily, Xue Yaoyao was a careful observer. She started to save herself by pulling her hand away.

Qin Mo didn’t say anything more. He reached his hand out so that one hand was in his pocket, while the other dragged the young man by the back of his collar all the way to the rooftop. Perhaps these two were both so outstanding, causing even this scene to be effortlessly handsome.

All the male players felt like something was off. Xue Yaoyao, as a little girl with a dirty mind, watched the whole thing with her wild imagination running crazy in her head.

Even though the way His Highness Jiu and Almighty Qin interacted was nothing cheesy, there was a certain kind of uplifting pressure going on between them as two people on the same level. This really made people find their relationship unique.

All the other players were busy discussing.

Lin Feng: “Come here, Baby Feng. Can you tell me secretly how your captain messed around with mine?”

Feng Shang recalled the time when his idol mentioned sleeping with Almighty Qin. He knew he couldn’t say that out loud, so he lowered his head.

Lin Feng lifted his eyebrows. “Even if you don’t say it, it’s obvious that your captain did something. Otherwise, my captain wouldn’t ask him to buy dinner.”

“Well, I actually know something.” <Cloud Tiger>, who never gossiped, suddenly cut in.

This intrigued all the other players. “What?”

“Great Spade, aka Fu Jiu. He’s gay, and he has expressed his affection towards Almighty Qin in the canteen publicly.” <Cloud Tiger> was talking rather seriously, and his face was solemn and earnest. “The girls who were on site also received concrete info that Fu Jiu participated in the contest only to chase Captain.”

Lin Feng: “…”

Feng Yi: “…”

Yin Wuyao: “…”

Everyone else: “…”

The rooftop of the Qin Corporation Building had never been this quiet before.

At that moment, one could only hear the sound of the computer main boxes running.

Xue Yaoyao saw Secretary Liang’s numb face with her own eyes. His steps fell empty, and he looked like he was about to burst into tears.

Of course Secretary Liang wanted to cry. The secret that he had tried so hard for so long to cover up for Almighty Qin was exposed so easily like that.

Lin Feng was the first one to regain his senses. He was thinking hard, and when he figured a reason out, he reached his hand out and patted Feng Shang’s shoulder. “I finally understand why Captain treated Spade Z so differently; he wanted to keep him to his side and educate him little by little. Do you know what Captain hates the most?”

“No, no idea.” Student Feng was still sad. He refused to admit that his idol only competed to chase after Almighty Qin. He completely refused to admit that!

Lin Feng explained more generously, “Almighty Qin hates gays the most, especially those who show their affection towards him. Six months ago, there was this guy, but I forgot his name… Anyways, he was really popular online and was very good looking. He wanted to turn Almighty Qin gay, but was directly escorted out of the three northern provinces. Thinking in behalf of Supreme Alliance’s future, you should convince Spade Z and let him give up on his plan, so that he can at least die in one piece!”

“Who-who said that this was the case? Maybe your-your-your captain likes my idol!” Student Feng couldn’t help but shout out loud, “Don-don-don’t forget that your Almighty Qin dragged my idol away!”