Chapter 245 - Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated

Chapter 245: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated

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After hearing Feng Shang’s words, all the team members fell into utter shock.

Especially Lin Feng. He looked over at Feng Shang with a facial expression that clearly said,”You go, my big brother!”

Feng Yi had to drag his little brother away. He educated insincerely, “How can you think like this? You can easily tell that Spade Z is chasing Young Master Qin with a simple look. You should never say such nonsense, you know? Especially when you drink later, don’t mention this to Young Master Qin.”

Young Master Qin really has a narrow mind, and his methods are vicious. Later, his little brother wouldn’t even know how he died.

Feng Shang was still stuttering, and he said quite sternly, “So-so-so you mean it wasn’t Almighty Qin who dragged my idol away? He-he-he obviously did!”

“He probably dragged him away to teach him a lesson as the captain.” Lin Feng was very convinced that his guess was correct. “Later on, Captain will set up more rules for Little Spade to forbid him from doing this and that. He’s such a handsome youngster, so why on earth is he into guys? And why Captain out of all the options? Sigh, this is no different than looking for death. Do you know how much Captain hates gays? Even though he respects people’s gender orientations, but not if it involves himself. He can’t bear this kind of thing happening to him. Captain has sharp moves… Little Spade is screwed this time. A simple kiss will get him beaten up nastily. But, Little Shang, don’t worry. I really like Little Spade, so I won’t let Captain educate him to death. As long as Little Spade has a little control over his behavior, Captain will be a little more tolerant. After all, the national contest is coming up and Supreme Alliance needs him.”

The other team members all nodded in agreement after hearing his words.

Xue Yaoyao stood there, and she was only thinking about one problem. If His Highness Jiu really kissed Young Master Qin, would Young Master Qin really beat him up? Or…

No, no, no, I can’t think like this!

Xue Yaoyao patted her blushing face, and her eyes were full of little twinkling stars.

Even since they knew that Fu Jiu was chasing after Qin Mo, all members of the team became more alert at all times. They were all worried that Fu Jiu would do things to piss Captain off and that he would directly make Fu Jiu vanish; therefore, they were planning on separating these two completely!

“Little Spade, you go sit with Sister Yaoyao. When we drink later, you can help her with some wine,” Lin Feng said to Fu Jiu in a hushed voice. After he was done, he felt that he was so smart to have thought of such a brilliant idea!

Fu Jiu took her coat off with one hand and nodded with a subtle smile. She had always been soft on Xue Yaoyao.

It’s just that… Qin Mo’s hand, which was holding the wine glass, paused as he saw Fu Jiu leaving his side to go to Xue Yaoyao’s. His emotionless eyes turned up and looked at Fu Jiu, who was four people away from him. The depths of his eyes frosted over.

<Cloud Tiger> sat next to Qin Mo after they had adjusted their seats. This master player of <Supreme Alliance> paused a little as he sat down. Am I delusional?…Or is Captain really extra cold today?

Qin Mo didn’t say anything. His long fingers rested lazily on the glass, and his pitch black uniform was to the side. He looked regal, like he had no worldly desires. Like a delicately made online gaming poster, he was exuding a faint coldness.