Chapter 246 - Jealousy Intensifying

Chapter 246: Jealousy Intensifying

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Fu Jiu turned her fair and pretty face to the side, and her silver hair dropped effortlessly over the back of her ears. Her fingertips turned the pages of the menu. While looking at the different dishes, she didn’t notice anything special, so she asked Xue Yaoyao, who was sitting next to her, in a gentle voice, “What do you want? Is there anything you don’t eat?”

“No,” Xue Yaoyao replied instantly like a sweet little girl.

Qin Mo simply laughed out loud after seeing this. At the dining room, he saw this scene through the layers of light. He tilted his head and lit a cigarette. As the smoke surrounded him, the iciness around him became heavier as well.

But honestly, these two were too far away from Qin Mo. They couldn’t feel anything all the way over there.

Fu Jiu ordered a lot of things and said to the waiter at the side who was taking the orders, “You have Budweiser here?”


“Thirty bottles first then, big ones. We will let you know if we need more. Also, get me some ice please.”


A dozen people drinking thirty bottles of beer was quite normal, but no one would order ice with beer, so the waiter looked at the youngster one more time just to confirm the order was correct.

Fu Jiu turned her body and lifted her eyebrows. “What? You don’t have ice?”

“We do.” The waiter’s heart quivered, and he blushed instantly. He jotted the order down quickly and walked away shyly.

That was not the point. The point was that waiter was a guy!!!

And he became shy… The members of <Supreme Alliance> looked at one another, then gave Fu Jiu a thumbs up. “Little Spade, you rock.”

Fu Jiu suddenly understood, and she curled her lips up into a smile. “Well, the woes of being too handsome.”

Lin Feng couldn’t bear it anymore and turned to ask Yin Wuyao, “Great North, how did you get convinced by this little kid to join the team? Can you really bear him acting like this all the time?”

Yin Wuyao raised his head silently. No comment.

“Am I handsome?” As Fu Jiu asked Xue Yaoyao, she didn’t forget to exhibit her tempting delicate smile.

Even though she knew Fu Jiu was a girl, Xue Yaoyao still felt her heart race. Blushing, she answered, “You are, indeed.”

“See?” Fu Jiu separated the bamboo chopsticks and put them into her mouth. Then she looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng tilted his head and grabbed directly onto Cloud Tiger’s hand. “I really want to punch him right now. Stop me!”

“Give me a reason why you wanna punch him,” Cloud Tiger’s voice was as grounded as how he himself was in real life.

Lin Feng said seriously, “He’s more handsome than I am?”

“Every man in this room is more handsome than you are,” Cloud Tiger said and touched his head with his hand. “So sleep on it. You can’t beat up that many at one time.”

Fu Jiu was having fun listening, and she shared a smile with Xue Yaoyao naturally, seeming like the two of them had a tacit understanding.

This made Qin Mo, who was sitting in the middle, laugh even more.

Then, he raised his hand and extinguished his cigarette with great force in the ashtray.

Cloud Tiger felt the coldness coming off of his hand, but he couldn’t explain why.

Lin Feng had always been good at breaking the ice. As soon as the beer was served, he filled everyone’s glasses up full and stood up boldly. “From today on, we have new blood in the Supreme Alliance. Let’s go kill every single one of the opponents in the national tournament! Last year, Captain’s hands were injured, so we didn’t do so well either. We didn’t even get into the top four. But this year is different. Even if Captain will focus on his recovery during the first half, we can still make it to the top four for sure!”

Almighty’s hands were injured?

Still under treatment?

As someone who played games and got all those FC’s with Qin Mo, Fu Jiu really didn’t notice that.