Chapter 247 - Qin Mo’s Secrets

Chapter 247: Qin Mo’s Secrets

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He could still release that Three Thousand Blade Cuts with his injured hands?

Then exactly how amazing is he when his hands are fine?

So… One really can’t treat a god like a normal person.

Fu Jiu was good at games thanks to her innate fast hand speed and the fact that she had played this game before.

Even so, she was still not as good as this god. She would find the chance to have a little one-on-one PK with him some time later.

Fu Jiu thought up to this point before something passed through her mind. Just like how she reacted to those criminal psychology books, she couldn’t help but question, “How did Brother Mo hurt his hands?”

This question was too difficult for even Lin Feng to answer, because even he didn’t know how it happened.

“By accident.” Qin Mo’s voice had a hint of carelessness as he held his wine glass.

The way he had one hand in his pocket would easily convince people to trust him.

But… Fu Jiu was not a stranger.

After spending all this time together with him, she knew that this god was not a careless person.

As the captain of a professional league team, his hands were the most important thing to him.

The Almighty would never allow himself to get hurt unless it was inevitable.

After Fu Jiu thought up to here, she looked up and met Qin Mo’s eyes.

The Almighty seemed to have more secrets than she had expected.

“Okay, this is not important. The most important thing is that we are together now, and we will be together in the future still!” Lin Feng shouted, “Bottoms up—to being teammates even in our next lives!”

Of course, the team members reacted passionately to this cheer. Everyone’s lips curled up into smiles and each person raised his/her glass to the toast!

All of them were taking care of Xue Yaoyao. They were letting her drink less.

Xue Yaoyao was extremely moved by this, and her heart felt very warm.

With her figure and background, she was not popular among the students, especially among the boys.

She had encountered so much derogatory remarks, including how that person knitted his eyebrows together after knowing that she had a crush on him.

She had never ever been treated like a princess.

She grew up in a single-parent family with her two little brothers.

She had done so much that other people her age had never done.

She had experienced so much that other people her age had never experienced.

And she grew up from all of this.

People said, “There are three stages of growth in a person’s lifetime. First is when you realize that things will not always develop in the way you want them to; second is when no matter how hard-working you are, you would still be questioned and mocked; and third is when you carry on even when you fail.”

She was lucky enough to gain these three kinds of experiences already.

Xue Yaoyao looked aside at the silver-haired young man who was getting her meat. She didn’t know why, but she was tearing up in her heart.

If not for this person showing up in her life, she would be just like those who were drowning in reality—having no dreams and spending their lives in vain.

Where she could only be mocked by people without being able to do anything about it.

But now, she’s different.

She was thoroughly different.

Xue Yaoyao couldn’t help but turn her head and share a toast with Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu didn’t know what she was thinking about, but she laughed slightly and freed one of her hands to rub it against her head. “Girls shouldn’t be drinking too much.”

Xue Yaoyao wanted to say the same thing to her because she was also a girl herself…

“Look how thoughtful our Little Spade is, taking care of girls so well!” Lin Feng was buzzed. “Now I know why I failed to capture all the girls I desired; I simply didn’t have the moves, and that has nothing to do with my beautiful looks! So you! All of you! Later on, don’t blackmail me, you hear that! I’m not the team flower here!”