Chapter 249 - Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Make a Lovely Couple

Chapter 249: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Make a Lovely Couple

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It was freezing outside.

The rain amplified the coldness of that northern winter night.

After they had walked outside, they could see their breaths appear as white fog in the air.

Fu Jiu felt so cold, but her left hand, which was held by someone else, felt very warm.

After walking a few steps, Qin Mo realized that the young man didn’t have his coat. He narrowed his deep eyes, took off his uniform at once, and put it on the young man.

This was a sign that the danger had passed.

Fu Jiu touched her belly. “Some hot soup would be nice right now.”

Qin Mo laughed out loud from anger, “As someone who makes a lot of mistakes, you really do love yourself a lot, huh?”

“Shouldn’t the big brother reward his little brother a little?” Fu Jiu gave a naughty smile, “I won the contest as I promised and got first place!”

Secretary Liang followed the two of them out, but he could only look up at the sky in silence as he overheard their conversation. These two were too absorbed into their characters—big brother, little brother… Why am I only seeing intimacy!

Qin Mo looked behind them first.

Obviously, he was telling Secretary Liang to leave them alone.

Secretary Liang was debating about what to do, because he was worried about what they might do after CEO Qin was drunk.

If he wasn’t there, the consequences could be horrifying.

What if CEO Qin had really been turned gay?

But leaving… But I don’t have the guts to stay!

In fact, Secretary Liang was indeed overthinking things. Qin Mo simply didn’t like to be followed. When Secretary Liang had that especially gossipy look on, even he wondered if he had hired the right person based on his working ability.

After they had gotten rid of Secretary Liang, Qin Mo turned to look down at the young man. “Tell me what you want to eat. I don’t want others to think that your big brother is treating you badly.”

“Hotpot.” Fu Jiu was indeed a hotpot maniac.

Qin Mo checked the time on his watch. “Hotpot at this hour?”

“You’re right. It’s not realistic to have hotpot at 11 p.m.” Fu Jiu thought about it, and she saw a 24-hour convenience store not far away. “Let’s go there! They must have something to eat there. Instant noodles would be nice too, spicy ones.”

The reality was that Qin Mo had never gone to such places, but he wouldn’t refuse his little brother who wanted to go. He was making a huge sacrifice.

After they had arrived at the convenience store, Fu Jiu felt like a fish in the pond. She knew all the good stuff to eat here.

Qin Mo was sitting on the chair which was prepared for customers. He propped his chin up and glanced at the young man who was squatting in the aisles to pick food.

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes again.

Fu Jiu looked like he knew this place so well.

But… Why would the young master of Fu family, who should be eating at fine dining places all the time, often come to convenience stores?

Fu Jiu picked out the instant noodles that she liked. As soon as she looked back up, she met Qin Mo’s deep eyes. Her fingers paused, and she curled her lips up into a smile.

She didn’t say anything further. She went to the counter with her purchases.

But she was a little wary on the inside. She knew that she shouldn’t have put her guard down at all when she was dealing with this god.

He was an expert who studied criminal psychology and could analyze people’s behaviors easily.

Fu Jiu paid the money and asked the assistant to pour hot water in her bowl of noodles. That assistant’s hands were shaking from excitement. Those who didn’t know might think he was nervous because he had put poison in the bowl or something.

At last, Fu Jiu figured out why his hands were shaking.

“You-you are Spade Z, aren’t you? I watched the contest yesterday. Could you ask Almighty Qin to sign his autograph here for me? I’m a huge fan of his!”

It was all very normal, when…

…”You and Almighty Qin make such a lovely couple!” that assistant added at the end.

Qin Mo walked over and lifted his beautiful eyebrows. “What couple?”