Chapter 25 - Everything Has Just Begun

Chapter 25: Everything Has Just Begun

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“This is a set up, this is a total set up!”

Director Zhang threw the mouse in anger, but somehow pressed play on accident.

The voice message that he sent to his lover yesterday emitted from the computer just like that…

For a moment, the whole office was full of his moans.

Director Zhang’s face turned white in a second, and he was paralyzed in his chair.

Now, he only had one thought.

He was finished! His teaching career was over!

The posts online swept through all the headlines like a tornado. This resulted in the biggest damage yet to Jiang City No.1 Middle School’s century-long reputation.

The school heads took turns apologizing, but it still wasn’t enough to appease the public’s wrath.

The school had hired such a person as their director!

What did attending school mean to the kids here?

This was their future!

Could a simple apology compensate for the losses of all those kids who shouldn’t have been expelled?

After seeing accusations like these, all the school heads at Jiang City No.1 Middle School made phone calls to apologize to each kid who was unfairly expelled.

Some of those kids had already graduated and had gone on to professional colleges, and some of them, who couldn’t return to school anymore back then, even started working directly.

Among the dozen students, only six were still in high school.

He Honghua was still troubled by her daughter’s schooling problem and wanted to seek out some more connections. When she received that apology call, she fell into a daze. She couldn’t believe the man on the other end of the phone. “You, you mean my Fu Jiu can go back to school?”

“Yes, Ms. He, we feel extremely sorry about what had happened, with such a huge misunderstanding because of Director Zhang’s personal actions. Please bring your child back to school on time this afternoon. In order to show our sincerest apologies, we’d like Director Zhang to apologize to these kids in person!”

With things reaching this point, no amount of damage control was enough to stop the situation from deteriorating. A sincere public apology from Jiang City No.1 Middle School was the best solution.

In fact, instead of saying that Jiang City No.1 Middle School had no means to redeem their reputation, it was more like they didn’t even have the time to react.

It all happened too suddenly, too quickly.

They could only step forward and apologize!

He Honghua hung up the phone and couldn’t be happier. She ran to Fu Jiu’s room in a splash. “Jiu, Jiu! Guess what? Your school called, and they want you back today!”

“Mm…Mum…” Fu Jiu sat up holding her thin covers. She had long fair legs and beautiful looks. Her silver hair was messy from her sleep, but that didn’t make her any less handsome. On the contrary, it made her look like a totally lively pretty young man. At the same time, the way she rubbed her eyes was so cool and cute.

Even He Honghua, her own mother, couldn’t help blushing when looking at her.

If her Fu Jiu was really a boy, God knows how many girls would be mesmerized.

But, being a girl was not so bad either; girls were thoughtful!

He Honghua narrowed her eyes and smiled. “Hurry, get up! Eat something and go back to school!”

“Okay, okay, okay…” Fu Jiu pushed He Honghua out as she said, “Ms. He, please spare me a little private time to wash up. Thank you very much!”

“You child.” He Honghua was truly happy. She went downstairs jumping and skipping away.

At that moment, Fu Jiu finally woke up. She smiled with her thin lips and lightly spilled out the two characters that she loved to use the most.