Chapter 250 - Qin Mo Doesn’t Mind Coupling Up with Fu Jiu

Chapter 250: Qin Mo Doesn’t Mind Coupling Up with Fu Jiu

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The assistant became more and more excited as his idol moved closer, but he didn’t dare to repeat what he had just said. After all, everyone knew that Almighty Qin didn’t like to be shipped with anyone.

Nothing could escape Qin Mo’s eyes that easily. He drummed the tabletop with his fingers as he laughed deeply while setting up a trap, “I heard what you said. I just missed some details. Why are you afraid? It’s not a big deal.”

That assistant didn’t know anything about Almighty Qin’s scheming tricks.

But Fu Jiu knew, because she had fallen into Qin Mo’s traps so many times, so she tried to signal to that assistant who was helping her with her noodles.

But Almighty Qin wouldn’t give Fu Jiu the opportunity to do so. He reached his hand out and dragged the young man behind him domineeringly but also somewhat dotingly. He then urged the assistant, “Go on.”

The assistant saw how his idol pulled that person away. After analyzing it a little, according to his understanding of his idol over these years, if Almighty Qin didn’t like that person, he wouldn’t even touch him or her, let alone grab onto his or her hand.

Now his idol was not only touching someone, but also being rather intimate with him…

Therefore, that assistant fully let down his guard. He became extremely excited and pulled out his phone. He showed some pictures to Almighty Qin. “These are the pictures I took earlier today when Spade Z walked over to you after winning. Everyone was saying how you and Spade Z looked great together! You are a perfect match!”

Perfect match?!

Qin Mo frowned a little. He turned his face and looked at those pictures on the screen with his deep eyes.

In the picture, the silver-haired young man had looked up and put his hand over his. He was still smiling with his thin lips, looking very likable. He appeared handsome and cute, not rebellious at all.

For someone who was in the rebellious phase of his life, that was rare.

Qin Mo took another look at the pictures. He didn’t say anything further but glanced at Fu Jiu. He said slowly, “When did you start to eat instant noodles?”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows and laughed, “Actually, I’ve always loved it. I used to pretend to like fancy dining in front of other people, but this has a really strong scent. Brother Mo doesn’t mind, right?”

Only 30% of what she said was true. The rest was all false.

She had played that cops-and-robber game for so many years, so she knew about those experts on criminal psychology and the possible consequences behind each problem.

Even this god couldn’t trick her easily.

“No.” Qin Mo knew that he shouldn’t think into her generic answer too much. He simply asked for a coffee and returned back to his original seat.

Their actions made the assistant so excited. This was the very first time that Almighty Qin had been shipped with someone. Almighty Qin did frown a little, but he didn’t deny it in person!

Did it mean that Almighty Qin and Spade Z would really become a couple for people to use their dirty imaginations on?!

With this in mind, that assistant’s eyes were full of pink bubbles. Moreover, the way they looked from behind while sitting next to each other made everything that was imagined seem very possible!

The drizzle outside the window had become thin snow, and it looked extremely dreamy under the street lights.

This was a rare view in Jiang City. After all, up in the north where the smog was crazy, one could seldom see such a scene.

After the snow, the weather became so nice and amiable.

Close to midnight, sitting in a 24-hour convenience store and looking outside while gently propping her chin up had always been a favorite pastime of Fu Jiu.

She had a nice view from the convenience store window, so she could observe everyone. Then she would decide on her plans, such as when to attack and when to retreat.

“I thought only criminals love to sit at a place like this.”