Chapter 251 - Almighty Qin Tests Fu Jiu

Chapter 251: Almighty Qin Tests Fu Jiu

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Qin Mo’s cold and low voice drifted over from the side.

Fu Jiu looked up with a smile. “Why do you think that?”

“This whole street has a great view. It’s the center of a crossroad while facing a tall building, and the rest is quite empty; it’s not blocked by buildings. Sitting here, you can observe all three directions well and keep everything in your eyes. A smart criminal likes to mingle within a crowd, observing the world secretly just like what you are doing right now, so that he can escape from the police’s interrogation after his business without anybody noticing anything.” Qin Mo looked indifferent. Judging from his appearance right now, most people wouldn’t think that he was saying all of these things seriously. He looked like he was just casually chatting about this topic.

Fu Jiu stared at the steam rising up from her bowl of noodles, before biting on the spoon in her mouth, and making it stick a little upwards. She acted like an innocent young man and said with a smile. “Brother Mo, you must watch too many movies. Criminals in real life are not that smart.”

“All the storytelling in art forms come from real life.” Qin Mo looked at Fu Jiu with his deep eyes, “Therefore, you be good around me. Don’t let me catch you committing your crimes, got it?”

Fu Jiu felt that this time, this god said the word good in a different way.

It felt like he was tapping on her.

Honestly, she couldn’t help but suspect that this god recruited her not only for the national tournament, but also to keep a closer eye on her.

If so… It would be really hard for her to play her tricks later on.

Fu Jiu felt frustrated. She would have to be careful with him no matter how many times she was reborn.

She was unhappy, so she needed some instant noodles to calm herself down.

Qin Mo didn’t want Fu Jiu to think that his big brother was a control freak. He would feel happy by looking at his smiles, so he didn’t want to go overboard.

“It’s not convenient to travel without a phone. I will ask Secretary Liang to get you a new one tomorrow.

Fu Jiu swallowed the noodles in her mouth. “I have phones.” Where did this god get into the habit of buying her things all the time? It must be some kind of trap again!

Qin Mo smiled as if he knew what the young man was thinking. “What? Don’t those domineering CEO’s in those books you love all act like this? Handsome Ouyang.”

An unexpected dry joke from Qin Mo almost made Fu Jiu choke on her food. She shouldn’t let Almighty Qin get near those things later on. Otherwise, he would pull examples from there all the time—too annoying.

But… Only this god could tell such a cold joke in such a regal manner.

Fu Jiu tilted her head. She realized that the man had given her his coat, and he was wearing a thin cashmere sweater. People couldn’t tell if he was cold or not judging from his appearance while holding the coffee cup with his long, fair fingers.

He couldn’t possibly feel warm. It was still winter, and the heat in a 24-hour convenience store wasn’t enough.

Fu Jiu thought about it and fed Qin Mo some noodles.

Qin Mo paused, but he didn’t refuse.

The reason was never going to change. A teenager in his rebellious phase was very sensitive. Plus, he had already warned him just now.

Therefore, he didn’t refuse when the young man fed him noodles.

The assistant never expected that he would be able to witness such an exciting scene during an awful night shift, and his eyes widened!