Chapter 252 - The Danger of Losing Fans

Chapter 252: The Danger of Losing Fans

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The assistant was single. He watched how Almighty Qin tilted his head with the noodles that Spade Z was feeding him resting on his lips. His side profile was extremely pretty, and at that moment, it was still snowing slightly outside, making the street lights look dreamier and gentler.

The two of them were simply too handsome–not only Almighty Qin, but also Spade Z–and together they created a vision.

They are absolutely a perfect match!

An undeniable, unchangeable perfect match!

The assistant wanted to share his feelings with everyone so badly!

Therefore, he raised his hand and took a photo of them secretly without disrupting them and posted it on the fan forum shipping this couple together. He added a comment saying, “Almighty Qin and Spade Z are at the convenient store I work for. They are having instant noodles right now, and they showed me the perfect way of eating instant noodles! I gained so much knowledge, so loving, so I can’t help but share it with all of you!”

After he finished, the assistant said a sentence inside silently–please don’t blame me for taking a picture of you two, Almighty Qin and Spade Z. It’s just too exciting to pass up!

Once the picture was posted, the whole page went nuts!

“Feeding… Feeding noodles?! Almighty Qin? Spade Z? No way, I gotta see this again!”

“Seems that Almighty Qin never accepted being fed by anyone before. Last time, COCO gave him a french fry and he rejected him sternly!”

“So that Spade Z is Almighty Qin’s true love!”

“When I saw the photo, my wolf blood started to boil!”

“I hope they will start selling official products of them. I want to buy Almighty Qin and Spade Z’s photo booklets. I don’t care about money, I just want to fulfill my dream as their couple fan!”

“Don’t tell me this is how Almighty Qin and Spade Z interact normally. I just wanna say that single dogs are pretty cute, please be kind to us.”

“I’m eating up this dog food willingly!”

“Whoever posted the picture, boy or girl, please post more pictures!”

“I think we shouldn’t ask for too much. Maybe Almighty Qin doesn’t like to be coupled up with Spade Z, it’s smart to be low-key.”

“You’re right. Then let’s continue to appreciate this picture here, don’t spread it out. I don’t want any trouble.”

This was the thought of a true loving fan.

But in this world, there were various kinds of people. It’s impossible to predict how every person’s viewpoint would be like all the time.

At this time, someone who liked Spade Z before saw that couple picture and narrowed her eyes slowly.

The fact that she didn’t recognize Spade Z today was a huge slap to her face.

Therefore, she felt that Spade Z was really pretentious to prove himself on site like that, making them utterly embarrassed. He didn’t think of those true fans’ feelings? She instantly turned from being a fan to dissing Spade Z.

She left a comment on the forum. “I know Almighty Qin wouldn’t like this post, but you guys still post it? Are you nuts? I really don’t understand, how could Spade Z bring so much trouble with him. He wants to be famous too badly, and now he latched onto Almighty Qin to promote himself? Did you all ask Almighty Qin how he feels about all of this?”

She didn’t think that she was wrong to post this at all. For her, this was the truth. She felt that others were so dumb that they considered Spade Z to be nice in every way.

Even the assistant who posted the photo explained to her. “Almighty Qin saw this post already, he didn’t show any resentment.”

She totally ignored that, didn’t even look at it, and sent that picture to the official website of the gaming contest…