Chapter 253 - Trouble is Here

Chapter 253: Trouble is Here

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The official online gaming website posted a refutation.

It was fine for fans to dirtily imagine dirtily their idol coupling up with anyone, but the online gaming website wasn’t the place to express such things.

On here, people talked about the upcoming national gaming contest.

Every team was fully preparing for it, with many commentators emphasizing analyzing and commenting on each player.

Such meaningful technical posts were overshadowed by a post that was about a couple.

Of course this would draw negative feelings from players.

Not to mention this couple post went all the way to the top.

Finally, someone spoke up.

“Those who like Spade Z, can you please not post here all the time like this? Especially this kind of post about a couple. This is the official gaming website of all the nation’s teams. Fans of other players are all on there too, please show some respect.”

“It’s not wrong posting pictures, but as a Qin fan, I can only say that trying to stir up such drama is going a little overboard. I hope that Spade Z fans can stop.”

“I don’t want to discuss this further. According to my understanding of Almighty Qin, he wouldn’t allow anyone to feed him noodles if he didn’t want it. Posting such a post here is wrong.”

“Spade Z? Who is that? Never heard of him.”

“FC King of the Zone C, his techniques are pretty good, but his personality, I don’t know…”

That Blackie used to have a pure love for Spade Z. She had even bought a ticket to the selection contest just to see Spade Z in person, but she didn’t expect such treatment. Since Spade Z didn’t care about her feelings, then she had to leave such a comment, so that people would know what kind of person Spade Z really was…

This was posted after midnight, which was undeniably advantageous timing.

The online moderators were not online, because they were all sleeping by that time. Even though some companies had overnight technician shifts, controlling the intentions of forums wasn’t included in their job description.

The Supreme Alliance was still celebrating, and they didn’t notice a pre-planned bloody storm was forming silently.

The next day, before dawn, Feng Yi got a phone call.

Luckily, he woke up earlier that day, because he needed to followed the players to Tokyo for the trainings, so he was really clear minded when he answered his phone. After he understood the purpose of the call, he knitted his eyebrows together severely. “When was the post released?”

“2 a.m. in the morning. Boss Feng, should we talk to the official website and apologize first? It was not good for that kind of post to come out. Spade Z shouldn’t have such a high-profile, especially when he is still new. Boss Feng, you should give your talents some training when you have time, it’s really hard for us to deal with this kind of situation.”

Feng Yi used to be an entertainment manager before he worked as a professional gaming team manager. He knew this industry like he knew his own home, so he had a distinct opinion on such an issue. “First, this was not Spade Z’s fault. He just entered Supreme Alliance and doesn’t even have an official Weibo. He needs time to regulate his fans. Plus, we believe that those who really like Spade Z wouldn’t do such a thing. Everyone should know about the official policy of not posting couple posts on the official website, so why did this person do that? Chen Nan, we both knew that Spade Z was going to become the centre of the attention even before we signed him. We need to be prepared for more of this to come later. Don’t apologize first before we figure out the intention of the person who posted this. If we do apologize, we are admitting that Spade Z is at fault, which is unfair to him.”