Chapter 254 - Qin Mo Can't Take It Anymore as Fu Jiu's Big Brother

Chapter 254: Qin Mo Can’t Take It Anymore as Fu Jiu’s Big Brother

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As Feng Yi was saying all this, Feng Shang was sitting right next to him. At first, he was so angry that he wanted to grab the phone and angrily retort.

But in the end, he chose to close the door behind him and help his big brother with the suitcases he hadn’t finished packing yet.

Feng Shang had always been a fan of his big brother.

But now, the amount of pride he had for big brother had elevated to a whole new level.

He felt so lucky to have such a great big brother.

He was in a high position, facing the materialism of the world and all kinds of big commercial companies, but he never changed who he was.

This was what justice was…

Whenever crises happened, what managers should do to protect their clients, and he did always did this.

Almighty Qin said this before: if not for Feng Yi, the Supreme Alliance wouldn’t have the impact it had now.

He didn’t understand back then.

He thought that playing games was just playing games.

After meeting his idol, after the whole gaming contest, and after today’s phone call…

…He knew now.

There were so many people who were working their butts off to realize the glory that they were seeing now.

The spreading of the post incident was still accelerating.

Because Qin Mo was involved, after the phone call Feng Yi instantly changed the ticket. He needed to stay behind and let the team go on with their training without worrying.

After he arranged everything, the first thing he did was call Qin Mo.

Feng Yi was a very efficient person. “Young Master Qin, I need to show you a post.”

After that, he sent over the link to that post.

Now, it had already been six hours after the post was posted.

Many people weren’t satisfied with this.

“WTF, this is an official national gaming website, not a place for your gossip!”

“Honestly, I used to think about how amazing this Spade Z was, but now, heheh, I’m no longer interested.”

“Let me make this clear, Almighty Qin doesn’t like being coupled with anyone, so don’t diss Almighty Qin.”

“This post was obviously posted by someone who hates Spade Z, sigh.”

“Spade Z is a man, how could someone say that Almighty Qin and him are a couple? Doesn’t he feel disgusted when he does that so forcibly?”

“I don’t want to say more, Spade Z is screwed with this post.”

“I’m speechless right now. How could someone like him deserve to be in the gaming world? The Supreme Alliance should reconsider his recruitment. No matter how great his techniques are, if he doesn’t have good characteristics, he will drag the Supreme Alliance down with him!”

“Greetings to Spade Z and his whole family, f**king publicity bitches!”

Some of the letters were blocked because they were not appropriate to be posted online.

Qin Mo saw all of this and threw his suitcase away. He was wearing his uniform, and as his eyes cooled down, he looked like a demon from hell, full of bloodthirsty evilness. “I’ll take care of this.”

Feng Yi paused. “Boss Qin wants to deal with this?”

Usually, managers were the ones to deal with this kind of incident.

He only sent Boss Qin this post to let him know about the situation and that he was part of the story. He also wanted to figure out if Almighty Qin really liked to be coupled up with Spade Z.

But now…

“Don’t let Z know about this. He went home late last night, so he needs rest. You go get Z an official Weibo account right now, and give me the ID and password.” Qin Mo’s eyes were freezing. “I can’t let people curse him like this without a reason.”