Chapter 255 - Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated

Chapter 255: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated

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As a big brother, if he couldn’t even provide the minimum protection for his little brother, then he needed to take a break.

At the gaming selection contest, he did not take action because the youngster wanted to solve the problems presented by himself.

But it was different this time.

Aside from just solving the issue on the technical level, he needed to let the world know that it was he who protected Fu Jiu.

The youngster was indeed cunning with his thoughts hidden deeply. So far, he was not completely transparent in front of him.

But, in the end, he regarded him as his little brother, and the youngster didn’t do anything out of bounds. He just fed him some noodles, but he was then dissed so badly.

Afterwards, he would have a nice chat with him about binding CP, and whether or not he would like to do it.

Qin Mo held a mobile phone in his right hand and opened a computer nearby with left hand. His smile tugging at the corner of his mouth was extremely cold.

“Yes!” After the initial shock, Feng Yi took action immediately.

There was nothing to think about.

Even Qin Mo said something like this.

It could be seen that Young Master Qin himself did willingly approve of the binding CP business.

Although Young Master Qin had acquiesced to the binding CP business, Feng Yi felt like the sky was raining red. It was really not easy to see such a scene in his life.

After all, Qin Mo used to said that he wanted to play in professional league all the time and tried to keep himself from frequently showing up in the public eye.

That was to say that Qin Mo was not the kind of person who liked to be frequently reported on by the media.

But now, according to his meaning, he was going to use all his background power to solve this issue.

Spade Z’s glamour was really great. It was said that Young Master Qin never easily used his life experience to suppress others. When Young Master Qin made his debut in the past, he was also dissed badly. After all, he was unwilling to communicate with fans. Such a character like Young Master Qin’s would be caught out on the details.

Now that the fans’ ages varied from each other, their states of minds were different, so some things were hard to control.

In the past, Young Master Qin was still as cold as he was today. Seeing people dissing him, he just ignored them and refreshed his ranking. He defeated countless God-like professional players. He didn’t become an existence that would be easily shaken by others in the gaming contest until now.

You said because he was dissed he would disappear?

That was impossible. In the virtual world, as long as you became a public character, some people will like you while others won’t.

Even now, there were people who couldn’t stand Young Master Qin’s behavior.

But what made him surprised was how Young Master Qin had resolved it. After all he was always indifferent about such matters. He never expected him to resolve it so directly.

It seemed that this incident touched his bottom line.

Even Feng Yi was not clear about why Young Master Qin wanted him to register a Weibo account for Spade Z.

The official Weibo could be recognized faster through special means, and because Spade Z originally belonged to the Supreme Alliance, the certification would be much faster since it was from the team.

Feng Yi worked the business out within half an hour. Then he gave both the account and password to Qin Mo.

But what he didn’t expect was that Qin Mo didn’t log into the account right away, but just said indifferently, “Give the official Weibo to Spade Z after 9 o’clock. What about my official Weibo account and password?”

Feng Yi : “…”

Although it was not the right time to rant, but! Big God, why did you ask me about your own official Weibo and password?”

It couldn’t be helped. As he knew, Young Master Qin never logged into the Weibo account for the entire year. Maybe he did forget about it. As his manager, he could not help but sent it to him.

After Qin Mo got the account, he opened the website and logged in…