Chapter 256 - Almighty Qin sends a post

Chapter 256: Almighty Qin sends a post

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When he logged into his official Weibo, the number of private messages, forwards, and @s easily surpassed 10,000.

Ignoring all of these things, Qin Mo opened that post and found the photo of him and Fu Jiu eating noodles together. He then edited the text and sent out the latest news.

“Noodles were good, but mainly because the person who fed the noodles is eye-catching.”

When sending the message, Qin Mo also didn’t forget to @Spade Z, which was Fu Jiu’s official Weibo that Feng Yi had just applied for.

Using just a few words, Qin Mo made his position on this issue completely clear. Moreover, this showed that he didn’t reject being hyped up into a couple with Fu Jiu, and was actually willing to be hyped.

Sounding indifferent, his words conveyed his typical sense of lofty coldness.

But it was such a message that blew up all the members of the Supreme Alliance!

“What the hell? Captain, no wonder you called away little Spade alone yesterday, it turns out that you asked him to invite you to eat instant noodles!”

Lin Feng was the first one to forward the post and it was his behavior that further proved that his team leader was the one who took initiative staying alone together yesterday. This was completely unlike the rumor that Spade Z was trying to hype himself up. Heh heh, sorry, the Supreme Alliance was the most united team, which left no way for others to exploit or take advantage of them.

Cloud Tiger quickly kept up with Lin Feng and forwarded the post with the message: “The team leader was going to speak out because the man who mattered to him was hurt.”

Following him were COCO and Fatty, who were far away and were ready to board the plane in the southern airport. Although they didn’t know what was going on, they completely trusted their team leader (Boss Qin).

Every member of the Supreme Alliance forwarded Qin Mo’s Weibo post.

Once again, people witnessed the unbreakable cohesiveness of this young team.

In fact, Weibo had gone into a frenzy the moment Qin Mo sent the message.

“What the hell, I also want to ask brother Lin what happened. Almighty Qin posted on Weibo! And it’s a post filled with warmth, I was so excited that I wanted to go down to run two laps!”

“How handsome was the side profile of Almighty Qin! I became intoxicated!”

“I never thought I would see Almighty Qin post in my lifetime. As a fan of Qin, when I die I’ll be able to rest in peace! But what did his Weibo mean? People who only cared about the competition were surprised.”

“I see! I see!”

“Previous poster, please reveal some details!”

“A man from the official posted a message hyping them up as a couple and people who posted responses badly scolded Spade Z badly. They argued that he had forced Almighty Qin to act like a couple with him and had shamelessly followed Almighty Qin. It seems that this was not exactly the case.”

“I looked to the left then looked to the right. What I have concluded from Almighty Qin’s message is that he is warning people not to bully his man. Is this right?”

Fans of the couple also thought that this was what Almighty Qin was expressing.

But after the post incident, they knew that this would arouse the resentment of others if they shipped Spade Z and Almighty Qin as a couple over and over again.

Therefore, they didn’t voice out their thoughts about this point, thanks to the fact that they were an organization that really cared about the team.

That true love fan was a network executive originally. She was a rotten woman and was too old to chase stars and play games. She just dealt with business every day.

When she first saw Spade Z, she purely thought that the youngster was good-looking.

But ever since she saw him play the game and protect the North of Yin Mountain, she kept looking over at the youngster unconsciously. It was not until she looked at the video that popped up when she searched for Spade Z that she completely turned from a random passerby into his fan.

The youngster said in the video, “Because we always believe that justice may be late, but it will never be absent.”