Chapter 257 - True Love Supported

Chapter 257: True Love Supported

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Sometimes, the more you grew up, the more you missed your younger self.

This true love fan was also born in an ordinary family, so she better understood the bitterness of this feeling.

At a very young age, she once swore that she wanted to become a brilliant person.

But when growing up, she understood that life was simply full of too much frustration.

Sometimes she would be splashed by dirty water or be hurt, but she couldn’t voice her grievances. She always thought she could heal these wounds after she became successful.

In fact, sometime she also forgot what the justice that she originally wanted to wait for was.

The youngster who said such words definitely couldn’t be the kind of person who wanted to couple with someone to hype up a CP.

It was such simple logic. It was not clear to her why some people still couldn’t understand it.

But this point couldn’t force people to understand.

Yesterday when that wave of comments appeared, she just knew that something would happen next.

Spade Z was a newcomer.

In the situation where they had no real understanding of Spade Z, too many fans would turn black after being stirred up.

This was just the most harmful setting for the matter to occur.

In her opinion, that one who posted the Weibo did not really like Spade Z, and even probably blackened him.

But she couldn’t say such words.

Once she said them, they would only make the youngster be dissed even more.

The only thing to do was for all the true love fans to hug together and become a group, especially the CP fans.

So when Qin Mo tweeted, this true love fan sent the most sincere message summoning everyone in the CP building.

“If you really like Big Spade, please maintain your character, because a word of abuse at this time will not only pull down our quality, but also make Big Spade be blamed more. Now Master Qin has already tweeted. We can only repost it, give it a thumbs up, making no comments, and wait for further official information.”


“I’ll forward it now!”

“After all, if it was not because of our psychological mistakes, Big Spade wouldn’t be hurt or be forced to wear the buckle hat of hyping. So we have learned a lesson. Definitely respond to the call of Lord.”

“No more words. Only one sentence, I trust Big Spade!”

“Wait a moment. People in the group are organizing the siege. Now I’m puzzled. Who should I listen to?”

True love fan big sister was a person with working experience. After she saw the problem, she said one word to directly hit the advantages and disadvantages, “Is Big Spade in the group? Or has that group passed official certification?”

“It… doesn’t seem so.”

After one of true love fan big sisters saw this, she said, “I can understand the feeling that everyone wants to support Big Spade. But the existence without any official certification is always a little blind. Now in this situation, before Master Qin posted on Weibo, Big Spade had already been blackened very miserably. Now the situation has finally changed a lot. What we can do is to to support Master Qin, not to say any extra things at this time. I’ll say it again. If you are a true love fan, please follow me to repost the Weibo post of Master Qin, then we wait for further official information.”

“Alright! I believe it!”

“This is a game.”

In the game, luckily intellect prevailed.

Massive voices offering support appeared on the Weibo!

Everyone, whether a man or a woman, would add a symbol of Z when reposting the Weibo of Qin Mo.

It was this effective and sensational support that let the message work so effectively and quickly.

Originally he was also worried that, once young master Qin posted the Weibo, those fans of little Spade would blow their cool, and also abuse and fight other. If this happened, no matter what the truth was, after such a disturbance, little Spade would be hated by casual fans…