Chapter 258 - Turning Into Fans

Chapter 258: Turning Into Fans

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It was obvious that the emergency measures on Weibo were taken by old veterans used to the stages.

There was no need for Feng Yi to worry about the business of public relations, since even the most useful public relation team was less helpful than the real true love fans.

But the premise was that the true love fans were wise enough.

After this incident, Feng Yi believed twice as much as before that Spade Z would become more and more popular.

Because there were tons of thousands of true love fans.

But not that many true love fans could see the situation clearly and put themselves in their idol’s position to stand by the side of their idol.

Like Young Master Qin, it was not easy to have a true love fan here.

That was right!

Our big broker Feng was also a fan broker!

In the case where so many people said Qin Mo just pretended to have a certain character, he firmly believed that he had the ability to be cold.

Nowadays there were too many tricks in gaming contests.

In order to attract more fans, some even didn’t mind buying fujoshis or giving in to their fans.

But, most people forgot that, with a gaming contest, as long as you could play the games well, and didn’t do anything against your morals, the most basic spirit that you needed to mostly purse was simply going forward.

He still remembered that when he led Young Master Qin in the beginning, Young Master Qin just said one sentence to him, “I am responsible for playing the games well, and you are in charge of the team’s popularity. Then we will fight our way into the national final contest.”

A club which mainly focused on gaming contests did need both aspects.


“What about fans? Don’t we need fans?” At that time, he even persuaded Young Master Qin, “Believe me. Sometimes we need to do something to serve the fans.”

However, Young Master Qin then only replied one sentence, “Everyone who likes online gaming knows what they themselves like. I am a gaming player. I clearly know what I should do. Though serving the fans can make me more famous, this is not exactly what I want. In this world, there is something that needs our effort to get.”

“In this world, there is something that needs our effort to get.” …Because of this sentence, the Qin family could exist until now. Even if Young Master Qin got hurt that year, Supreme Alliance didn’t win.

He was most willing to be like this.

Maybe it was because he grew older that he recalled this event that occurred long before as soon as he saw the online tumult.

Or maybe little Spade Z was similar to Young Master Qin in those days in some ways, which made him have those hot-blooded feelings once again.

After seeing the Weibo post, Feng Yi directly and unscrupulously found the official gaming person who was in charge.

Of course, he would not ask for the registration person’s information, because that was all illegal. Nor did he ask for others to search for the poster.

Actually, as far as he was concerned, this was the typical case of turning fans black.

What was urgent to do right now was to find loopholes using his comments, and let her apologize and delete the post. This was the greatest protection for little Spade Z.

Therefore, Feng Yi asked three questions below the post.

No. 1: On this earth, are you a fan of little Spade Z or someone who came to diss him? True fans would not come to the official website to put such a post dissing little Spade Z.

No. 2: If you are a fan, why didn’t you delete the post when others said, “To post here shows that you don’t respect others, and will make people dislike him more?”

No. 3: Maybe you yourself are not conscious that after you posted the pictures, ten minutes later, the post followers on floor 73 were guessing that little Spade Z was taking advantage of Almighty Qin to hype himself up. This contradictory behavior has obviously shown that you were not a fan at all.

No. 4: Let us analyze, who on earth would enter the official gaming website to post such a CP post and was unwilling to see little Spade Z’s success before the national gaming contest?