Chapter 259 - Almighty Qin says, "Yes, distributing candies."

Chapter 259: Almighty Qin says, “Yes, distributing candies.”

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Such a powerful statement directly shocked all the onlookers.

Then followed something even more dramatic.

It was the second Weibo post sent out by Qin Mo.

There was no mistake.

Almighty Qin, who updated his Weibo once a year, had now sent out two blogs in a single day.

If we regarded the first blog as his protection of Spade Z, then the second one was even more straightforward.

“Whoever slanders Spade Z, I’ll keep them accountable.”

In a moment!

The official Weibo went crazy!

That true love fan big sister was supposed to go through several days’ endeavors to completely reverse the present situation.

Now she saw such a sentence from Young Master Qin, which clearly told others, “Whoever bullies Spade Z, I’ll get back at him!”

After that the CP fans didn’t need to endure anymore!

Comments had exploded all over the screen!

“I only wanna say, I want to see the picture of our Spade Z feeding Almighty Qin noodles again!”

“Almighty Qin, are you sure that you’re not distributing candies for us CP fans?”

“Following yesterday, I bottomed up this bowl of dog food!”

This was originally a normal thing,

Who knew that Almighty Qin would reply to one of the comments, “Yes, distributing candies.”

He… he admitted it!

Who dared to oppose things that Almighty Qin admitted!


Nobody would say that it was Spade Z who maliciously tied Almighty Qin and himself together for hype!

And the post incident had also been kicked out. A discredited CP post would make people confused at the beginning, but now they had been woken up by those questions plus the second Weibo sent by Qin Mo.

No matter if they were fans of Spade Z or Qin, they started clamoring the poster to apologize and delete the post.

As the national contest was coming up, fans only wished that their idols could fight for it in a perfect state.

Let alone the fans of these two people, fans of other teams also felt that the truth was owed to Spade Z in this case.

Meanwhile, at this time, the youngster and main subject of this incident had just finished packing his luggage.

Having too many candies and instant noodles to take along, plus a nagging housekeeper, had directly influenced Fu Jiu’s efficiency.

“Young master, I must go with you. At least if I were there, I could protect you in case you can’t help yourself and insist on sleeping with Almighty Qin.”

Fu Jiu yawned, and with his silver hair curled-up, he said, “Even if you were there, I would still sleep with Brother Mo if I want. Moreover, we are going to Tokyo, who would pay for the air ticket?”

“I would pay it myself!” Chen Xiaodong said with his chest puffed out, “Not a penny would be needed, how about it?”

Picked up the black leather suitcase, Fu Jiu said, “Not worth it, everything costs more there.”

“Since you’re a professional player, you’d have money.” Chen Xiaodong was close to tears, “Moreover, the momentum of the madam’s company is uprising, she was too busy to take care of you and I was told to look after you.”

Fu Jiu smiled lightly. “You just stay at home. The best care you can give me is if you don’t imagine things casually.”

“Young master, you’re mocking me!”

Fu Jiu fixed her silver hair in front of a mirror and with her lovely eyebrow lifted, she said, “It is great that you know what I mean.”

Chen Xiaodong: “…”

When Fu Jiu pushed away the clingy housekeeper and was about to go to the airport, the phone in his pocket rang.

The caller ID was Xue Yaoyao.

With her hands in her trouser pockets and her lips hooked up, Fu Jiu said, “Is it Yaoyao speaking? I’ll arrive soon.”

“No, Highness Jiu, you’d better check Young Master Qin’s Weibo. Many… many people have @ed you!”