Chapter 26 - Fu Jiu, Justice Might Be Late...

Chapter 26: Fu Jiu, Justice Might Be Late…

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To show its utmost sincerity, Jiang City No.1 Middle School invited several members of the press.

Fu Jiu was standing in the middle. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans, a black belt, and a simple T-shirt. With her messy silver hair, she was so handsome that she made everyone’s hearts thump.

He Honghua was standing next to her, and one could easily see the joy on her face.

In fact, this was the first time she came to her daughter’s school after she entered high school…

Fu Jiu seemed to think of something and she twisted her piercing with one hand. Lowering her voice, she said, “Mum, later when that Director Zhang apologizes to us, ignore him. Leave the questions to me.”

“Okay, okay!” He Honghua was indeed a bit clumsy in doing things, so of course she listened to her daughter.

Fu Jiu and the other five students sat together, and the press was eagerly stirring in anticipation. After all, everybody in Jiang City was waiting online to see what would happen next.

Fu Jiu was quite calm in the face of all of this, until Director Zhang showed up.

By then, Director Zhang was no longer arrogant. He was wearing a wrinkled shirt, as sloppy as one could imagine…

But he didn’t want to give up on this even more!

Clearly, all those kids were useless trash who sucked at studying!

They were either trash, or flat broke!

How did they deserve an apology from him!

But this needed to end; if he didn’t apologize, then his life was done for.

Director Zhang thought about this and walked up to those kids. He said, “Sorry.”

Those students weren’t silly; they knew that he didn’t mean it.

Nobody forgave him.

Director Zhang looked at the situation and raised his head up to the reporters. “I already said sorry, but my dear reporter friends, look at these kids. They’re so stubborn, I only expelled them because I had no choice…”

“If you want to apologize, then do it sincerely and honestly,” Fu Jiu said, coldly interrupting Director Zhang. “Director Zhang, why are you still spouting bullsh*t?”

Director Zhang was provoked by Fu Jiu’s words, and a sentence abruptly escaped from his mouth, “Shut up! If not for a bumpkin peasant like your mum who sent money to school all the time, would something like this happen to me?”

Fu Jiu laughed, and coldly retorted, “It looks like the school called us in not to apologize, but to be a spectacle for others? Otherwise, why would Director Zhang have such an attitude?”

“You!” Director Zhang didn’t understand how this person, who used to wither from a single word in front of him before, would become so eloquent.

The press caught this scene and clicked their shutters nonstop.

Director Zhang ineptness at public relations didn’t mean that everybody at school was inept.

Upon hearing this, a school head berated in a low voice, “You shut up! We invited all these kids back to school sincerely, you’d better reexamine your position before opening your mouth!”

This was a warning.

Director Zhang understood this and lowered his head with a pale face. He tightened his fists and apologized to Fu Jiu, “Sorry about just now, I was wrong to deprive you of your right to study. I’m terribly sorry.”

“Not only studying!” One girl suddenly screamed out, “Also our reputation! In fact, we’re all jealous that Fu Jiu has a rich mother who can spend money for her! Just because I wasn’t born rich, you expelled me saying I was a thief! My mother looked for help from everyone she could think of in Jiang City in order for me to return to school, and she was cursed by people pointing at her back. You do not deserve to be a teacher!”