Chapter 260 - Fu Jiu's Reaction

Chapter 260: Fu Jiu’s Reaction

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Fu Jiu slept late and woke up late. From the moment she opened her eyes, she began packing, planning on giving it her all during the trainings.

She didn’t have a Weibo.

So nobody should be able to @ her?

But Fu Jiu could tell that something was up from Xue Yaoyao’s voice.

She grabbed a laptop and turned it on. “Let me register for an account first.”

Xue Yaoyao was confused. “Register? No need, Boss Feng applied for one for each of us already. They’re all locked on to our phone numbers and are all verified, so Highness Jiu, you can directly log into your account with your phone number. Boss Feng sent it to you.”

Fu Jiu tilted her head and looked at her phone screen. “There is an unread message. Okay, see you at the airport.”

“OK.” Xue Yaoyao hung up, but she didn’t put her phone down. She checked her phone for Weibo messages on her way to the airport.

Fu Jiu had her super laptop in one hand, and while dragging her suitcase with the other, got in the car without wasting any of her time.

Once she was in the car, she turned on the hotspot on her phone and logged into Weibo.

As soon as she logged in, countless @’s flooded in.

Fu Jiu’s left hand rested on the car window frame and she opened all those @’s with her right hand.

“Ahhh, such a blood-boiling scene first thing in the morning. Almighty Qin admits this is his partner?”

“Sending thanks to Spade Z, at least he made my idol send two Weibo posts in one day!”

“I just want to know what Spade Z’s reaction to all this is.”

“Spade Z must be shy now, Almighty Qin protects him so well! But I still need to @ him and let him know!”

“Same here, @Spade Z!”

“Little Spade, Big God calls you for noodles! Same @!”

“Me too!!! @!”

This kind of situation never happened before, where a gaming contest’s topic was in the top 10 on Weibo. It was even getting more and more heated, not retreating at all.

Only the hottest pop star would receive such treatment.

All of this was proving that Qin Mo and Fu Jiu were instantly popular in the gaming world.

Too many people @ed Fu Jiu, so she didn’t see the one from Qin Mo at first. When she logged into Qin Mo’s page, she saw: “The noodles were delicious, mostly because he was handsome.” And: “Those who blackmailed Fu Jiu, I will reserve my rights to seek liability.” These two long posts were together.

Honestly, Fu Jiu had never been protected by anyone in any world.

Her beautiful thin lips unconsciously lifted a little. She also knew very well that this kind of thing had to have happened for a reason.

Soon, she found that reason.

After she saw the post, Fu Jiu’e eyes deepened, but she didn’t hack to find out that poster’s information.

Simply put, that person didn’t deserve her time and attention.

That person was still trying to say how much she liked Spade Z, and how she was disappointed by Spade Z’s actions, that’s why she did this. She was apologizing for posting this, and she claimed that she would never like Spade Z again!

Fu Jiu hid her ID and left a comment. “I only play games. I don’t care if I have good characteristics, and I don’t ask for anyone to like me. This post is disrespectful to the other players. You can diss however you like later, it doesn’t matter.”

After sending this, Fu Jiu moved her fingers and returned to the main page, flirting back with a light smile…